GTI Chapter 88

It’s 3am and I’m dead.

Doing this chapter had me so hungry. I only had 1 meal today and it wasn’t even a filling one. My stomach was rumbling the whole time but there was no food.

Although it’s late, but at least I managed 5 chapters this week.

Chapter 088

GTI Chapter 84

Sorry for being missing. I was actually quite free and there’s a number of new work showing up in NU. So, I went ahead to read them and the raws as well since I’d the time.

Unfortunately, I got sucked in and could escaped their grasps till today. Actually, I’m still itching to go ahead and read but I won’t be able to do my work if I continued doing so.

One of the culprit was The Divine Prodigal, also recently appeared in NU. I read the raws till I have no idea how far ahead I was, just right before the alien invasion which was about 2-300 chapters in, I think.

You know how all the Chinese MC had good luck, but this was actually the MC’s niche. The idea was that he needed to spend a lot – a lot of money. And he was so lucky that the world molded itself to give MC luck. His father was a wealthy tycoon that gave him money to buy anything. And MC luck could actually spread out to those close to him.

MC’s father bought land to please his son and earned lots from him. Even the MC fiancé questioned how could the MC had such luck. Talented people dropped from the sky just to land in front of him. And a lot of the luck resulted from MC’s action, without him even realizing it.

The army allowed him to do anything, built city, buy aircraft carrier, satellite, etc just because they believed in his luck. Everyone knew he was the lucky prodigal. The MC’s character is good, he’s not an asshole or anything and a number of the antagonist reformed to help him. Hey, if you’re not with him, you’re against the world. The world will change itself to screw you if you go against him. It’s always how much are you willing to bet that you could overcome his luck.

Right now, I’d reached the part where the part of the alien invasion before I managed to pull myself away. Almost everyone on Earth knew to stop themselves from going against him, but do the aliens know that? Prepare to get rekt. In Wolverine’s eternal words: “Are you feeling lucky, punk?” The writing’s so-so but I always wanted to know how his luck would solve his problems. A lot of the times, it’s the simple actions that become farfetched and became the solution.

Granted, there’s a lot of China No. 1 going on and the slightly sour taste from the MC against other countries allowed me to separate myself (Hint: It’s always against US and Japan). I’d wasted a few days on this. Give me my time back. T.T

Chapter 084

GTI Chapter 83

Another release, making this chapter 7 of the week, I think.

I saw that some translators had been complaining about sites skimming of the content of their translation.

It’s not like much could be done about them since site scrappers had existed even before this. But, here’s what I did to make things difficult for them.

I used the plugin WP Illegal Content Copy Notice Append or at least I think it was this one. It was supposed to attached a message if you right click and copy any content from the site. It added the message via JavaScript but I found it to be utterly useless. If someone was trying to highlight certain portion of the text to put into comment etc, the message would get added as well but it could be easily removed. However, it did have a useful function of removing all the formatting from the content copied.

So, I just used this to piss off the reader of those sites if it used script to pull. How would you like to read a whole chunk of text in just 1 paragraph? Pretty annoying, right.

So, if the reader is doing any translation, do consider it. It won’t stop those sites but it would surely be very annoying for them.

Chapter 083

GTI Chapter 82

I’m quite angry, thinking that I might have bought a faulty laptop. Still not sure what went wrong but it’s prone to randomly hang up.

This time, I’d to redo all my work because I didn’t saved in the middle of it.

Chapter 082

Why New Theme?

So, why the new theme? I just found out that certain version of Chrome had a distorted view of the site. Everything was moved slightly to the side eating into the sidebar.

I tried correcting it but I couldn’t. So, my only gap was to pull another theme and replace it. There, problem temporarily solved.