Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Wheat field prophecy

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  Zhou Jian did not expect to see any earth-shattering information from this chip. The scientists were powerless when looking into this Blood Crystal. Otherwise, there would already be results afters decades of research.

  He opened the chip data. Inside, there was only a document, about 200KB. He double clicked to open it and the first thing he saw was a photo with an earthy colored background. In the middle of it was a sketch of a human face as well as a disc posted on top of the face.

  The following notes were written in English. August 15, 2002. Winchester, Hampshire, the United Kingdom. Crop circles.

  Crop Circles?

  This phrase frequently appeared during the end of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first century. It had now vanished. The so-called crop circles were caused by an unknown external force that acted on the wheat fields or other fields. The crops were flattened and produced an enormous geometric pattern. These patterns were formed overnight, astounding, and contained incomprehensible code.

  On these crop circles, there were two mainstream perceptions on them. One believed them to be man-made mischief. The other thought was that they were alien made. Two British artists had come out to claim that they pressed out the crop circles with a wood tied to ropes and made a live demonstration. They took four hours to make a “mini” crop circles. The experts that came to look at it had, to use words to describe it – rough.

  The starting point of those crop circles simply couldn’t be found, and with its large area, the precision had to be high, It was not something a few people could make out in a short time. Not to mention, the producer had to have knowledge in the arts, astronomy, and mathematics and physical fitness like Superman. The key was that there were some phenomena that were impossible for people to interpret.

  For example, the way the wheat collapse was impossible to be made in a manual way like trampling. The charred traces on the plant stem nodes and kernel variant was not anything the existing equipment was able to reproduce. Like those tiny magnetic particles scattered along the wheat fields. Experts from around the world had spent considerable time and effort to reproduce the crop circles using existing technology but all ended in failure. (tl: there’s a number of unfamiliar terms used in this para.)

  In another word, the possibility of man-made crop circles is very slim.

  Then, there was the second argument. That the crop circles were alien messages sent to mankind. This argument is simple. However, all the explanation of things that were unclear were pushed to the aliens. Just like the previous theocracy society, anything that humanity encountered and could not explain was pushed to the gods. Simple and clear.

  Zhou Jian had that as an irresponsible approach. But this time, the crop circles combined with the “Gods and Demons” game, were they really related to the ethereal aliens?

  The Winchester crop circles produced a huge solemn alien face image. In addition. there was a coded disk, using the computer binary system, where the wheat that fell represented 0, those standing represented 1. For example, the letter B is represented by 01000010.

  The information on the plate started from the center of the circle. The corresponding content was: “Beware / the / bearers / of / FALSE / gifts & their / BROKEN / PROMISES.Much / PAIN / but / still / time. BELIEvE.There / is / GOOD / out / there.We / OPpose / DECEPTION.Conduit / CLOSING.Acknowledge. “

  The reason why there are uppercase and lowercase is because, in the binary language, the uppercase letters have different codes compared to lowercase letters.

  This text does not fully conform to the English grammar. So, people can only speculate on their meaning. Its rough meaning could possibly be: “Be wary of the false gift bearers and their broken promises. The pain will continue for some time. But believe that there is good from the outside world. We are against deception. The channel is closed. Acknowledged.” (tl: The code is in Eng, while the meaning is in Chinese. The author made a translate mistake. His Eng said much pain but still time. While in Chinese, it said that the pain will continue.)

  It’s like some advice or prophecy.

  Who are these “false gift bearers”?

  What are the “broken promises”?

  ”Pain” will continue? There’s none to be found ah ……

  Where is the “outside world”?

  What “channel”? How to open?

  Zhou Jian’s doubts are the same as those crop circle scientists’ doubts. But on this disk, the US scientists had made it clear that the so-called “pain” is the catastrophe of the previous century.

  And the “Blood Crystal”. They believed it to be the key to the “channel”.

  When Zhou Jian saw this, he suddenly a little afraid, He was stunned looking at the Blood Crystal, unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

  This thing……

  The key to open the “channel”?

  What channel?


  Leading to an alien world? Leading to nirvana and heaven?

  He seemed to have gotten himself into a big trouble……

  He had the feeling of being in a fantasy. Aliens wanted to invade Earth? So, this will happen in the real world?

  He read on. Slowly, he figured it out. The US scientists must have found some alien remains, probably in 1947 in New Mexico city of Roswell. The incident of UFO crashing. Then, there were a lot of different opinions while the US government kept silent.

  If that thing is true, then this disk record was probably translated according to what information the US scientists found from the UFO. What did this have to do with “Gods and Demons”?

  He turned to the next page. It was a very complex formula deduction and equation computation. Zhou Jian had a big headache. Although he was good in mathematical physics, but running into such cutting-edge science, he could only stare on helplessly.

  He generally understood that this thing was about quantum mechanics because he was aware of the Planck constant.

  What is quantum mechanics?

  There’s a joke that quantum mechanics is something the physicists continued to use more and more complex equations to explain the microscopic (bug) world until the physicists themselves do not understand it. (tl: author wrote bug. Idk)

  Of course, this happened because modern physics was unable to unify the theory of relativity to quantum mechanics. So, there are more and more bugs.

  Zhou Jian decisive skipped and jumped over several pages. Then, he saw the conclusion of the big formula calculation.

  The conclusion was something he was able to understand. But, as he read, Zhou Jian’s mouth unconsciously grew wider. These formula calculations actually just inferred one thing – the possibility of “crossing through”.

  ”Crossing …… through?” Zhou Jian was ignorant and completely senseless.

  F**k, “crossing through” can be explained?

  This theory involved parallel space. In fact, parallel space ah, ah, what parallel universe is not really something new in physics. Zhou Jian used to see much more. Not to mention this stuff, he was able to accept the even more absurd hypothesis.

  But this time, it is not the same. Previously, those are hypothesis only. And this time, the US scientists have direct evidence provided by the calculation. And use it to explain …… uh …… “crossing through.” (tl: hello….Flashpoint paradox)



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