GTI Chapter 118

Chapter 118

Who’s working through Christmas and New Year? Me.

It’s a sad life.

I’m finding it hard to get time and when I do, motivation.

So, I want to start the new year with a clean slate.

I’m dropping this. Feel free to pick it up if you can do justice to it.

I’m already halfway through the next chapter but it killed me. Occasional, if no one else is already picking it up, I might be posting occasional chapters.

I’ll be back but no guarantees.

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  1. Kinda figured it would be dropped sooner or later. You can always tell when it starts to happen. We need to spread the word and see if we can find another translator group asap.

    1. Sorry. When the pace picked up again initially in October, I had the full mind to complete but November came out of nowhere and whacked me full on.
      I don’t feel like I’m doing anyone justice if I’m hogging it. So, I’ll just put it up for grab.
      I can do one or two chapters when there’s holiday but because my schedule is so inconsistent this year, I can’t put any guarantees.

      1. no way man, I didn’t mean to make it sound like I was putting pressure on you or anything. Lord knows I can’t say nothing, I’m just a leech. i’ve been throwing some emails to some chinese trans groups, the main one I’m hoping will pick this up is gravity tales. if at all possible, could you perhaps throw them an email on behalf of your previous translations? They will probably take it more seriously coming from you rather than me. xP

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