GTI Chapter 90

Today was really tiring for me. Because I didn’t have a car and planned to take the public transport to take a parcel from the post office hq, I got sidetracked instead. How long? 7 hours. I’d wasted 7 hours waiting at the sidewalk and sitting in the bus. And I’d also changed 7 buses …

GTI Chapter 89

The previous plugin I used to distort the scrapping failed with the new wordpress update. So, what I did now was to just ban the ip address Let see if it works. Chapter 089

GTI Chapter 88

It’s 3am and I’m dead. Doing this chapter had me so hungry. I only had 1 meal today and it wasn’t even a filling one. My stomach was rumbling the whole time but there was no food. Although it’s late, but at least I managed 5 chapters this week. Chapter 088

GTI Chapter 84

Sorry for being missing. I was actually quite free and there’s a number of new work showing up in NU. So, I went ahead to read them and the raws as well since I’d the time. Unfortunately, I got sucked in and could escaped their grasps till today. Actually, I’m still itching to go ahead …

GTI Chapter 83

Another release, making this chapter 7 of the week, I think. I saw that some translators had been complaining about sites skimming of the content of their translation. It’s not like much could be done about them since site scrappers had existed even before this. But, here’s what I did to make things difficult for …

GTI Chapter 82

I’m quite angry, thinking that I might have bought a faulty laptop. Still not sure what went wrong but it’s prone to randomly hang up. This time, I’d to redo all my work because I didn’t saved in the middle of it. Chapter 082