GTI Chapter 54

Regular release 4/5. This was supposed to come out 3-4 hours earlier. What happened was that I came back and doze off. I woke up and was like, right. I haven’t posted yet. Friendly reminder to whitelist this site in the adblocker if you have it on. GTI Forum Chapter 054

GTI Chapter 52

Regular release 2/5. Here’s the release for today. Just realized I made an error about the title. It should be US Police Anecdotes, not US Police’s Anecdotes, ie, interesting stories about the police, not from the police. GTI Forum Chapter 052 Add on: Go Hornets. Rooting for the underdogs.

GTI Chapter 51

Regular release 1/5 of the week. Another injury on my computer. The hinge cracked. It’s just a minor cosmetic damage, but it’s sign that something’s about to give. I’d also removed the Amazon on the sidebar. Planning to test other options soon. GTI Forum Chapter 051