GTI Chapter 102

Release #1 of the week. I seemed to have settle down enough that I can churn out one every 2 days or maybe more because this arc seems interesting. But nah, that little buffer will allow me to build a stockpile in between. Chapter 102

GTI Chapter 101

Release #3 of the week. Ah, it’s tiring to rush this out. I no longer have any buffer or anything and it’s hard to build one without more motivation because my workload is immense. Still, I enjoyed it. Chapter 101

GTI Chapter 100

Yes, finally hit triple digit. Actually, chapter 99 should be the 100 because there’s 2 chapters with the same numbering previously. I’d a mini heart attack because my computer crashed and auto restart although I haven’t save anything that I’d done for this chapter when I was about 75% through. Did I mentioned that I …

GTI Chapter 98

3/3 for the week. It’s freaking hot. My place doesn’t has an AC. I’m considering moving after my contract’s up. Any other ideas to cool down? I’m already undressed all the way down. Chapter 098

GTI Chapter 96

I forgot how much of a time sink this translation thing was. And I think there’s a bit of a screw up in formatting. Didn’t appear like how I wanted it to. 1/3 regular chapters this week. Chapter 096

GTI Chapter 95

Huh, so many things happened. I was travelling across Asia recently and the uneven travelling time and tension from the travel cause me to lost my interest in doing this then. But now that I’m back (travelling to Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau again in October), I’ll try to ease back. Probably do 3 chapters …