GTI Chapter 100

Yes, finally hit triple digit. Actually, chapter 99 should be the 100 because there’s 2 chapters with the same numbering previously.

I’d a mini heart attack because my computer crashed and auto restart although I haven’t save anything that I’d done for this chapter when I was about 75% through.

Did I mentioned that I have a faulty computer. I didn’t bring it to repair and lived through the error because I couldn’t stand the few days without it. Besides, Lenovo CS truly sucks.

Also, the new Windows 10 update screwed up my TTS. I used HuiHui’s voice to convert all the Chinese text into speech so that I understand the content. But after the update yesterday, the TTS engine’s no longer working and I couldn’t find the profile.

If I know that there’ll be so much complications since I got Windows 10, I would have stayed with Win 7.

Chapter 100