Little Novel is created to host Chinese to English novel translation works. Currently, the only work in progress here is the Godly Thief Incarnation novel by Cocooned Cow. The original Chinese-language work was hosted in Qidian, a popular fiction hosting website in China.

Little Novel is run by one person, who acted as the translator, editor, and site owner. This little site is a work of labor.

About Capa:

Capa is a busy executive in a technology firm by day and dedicated translator from 9pm – 1am (subject to time leaving the office). He’s a self-confessed workaholic and currently working on Godly Thief Incarnation.

Capa is a native Chinese language speaker, but not a native Chinese language reader. Hence, all translation work was done via text to speech application.

I’m a Jack of All Trades who like to dabble in all the little things that interest me. Someone used to ask me, “how did you even find the time to do all these?” I replied, “I don’t. I’m running on fumes all the time.”


Contact Details:

For anything regarding the translation or site issues, drop a note to:


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    1. Link what account? Do you mean like facebook etc? So far, I didn’t link any social account here.

  1. somehow i can write in chapter 115 of gsi i was tempted to write that it needs fixed but decided to do so here

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