Chapter 069 – Strong Man and a Bull Terrier

Chapter 69 – Strong Man with Bull Terrier

That guy had a height of 1.9 meters. He’s naked from the upper half and his body was covered with scars as he stood at the entrance of the hotel. His hand was pulling a dog the size of a small calf. Judging from the type, it should be the famous American bull terrier.

The American bull terrier was known as the world’s number one fighting dog. Its personality was fierce like a tiger and its biting strength was astonishing. Before the catastrophe, the bull terrier’s shoulder height was generally half a meter. It weighed about half an adult man, but it could kill a dog twice its size. Under the same weight class, the American bull terrier could easily sweep all its opponents away.

Perhaps some people would mention about the Tibetan mastiff. Actually, the famous Tibetan mastiff wasn’t a pitbull and should just be regarded as a pet dog. It was said that the Tibetan mastiff was fierce. But most of the time this was just hype done by the Tibetan mastiff merchants. If it truly attacked, this Tibetan mastiff was just bullying using its huge built. The Tibetan mastiff was claimed that it could defeat tigers and liars really caused people to have three black lines. (tl: -.-”’) And occasionally a video of the Tibetan mastiff pounding on a lion in the cage was shown. Presumably, this was just because it didn’t recognize the lion.

If this really was a dogfighting competition, the Tibetan mastiff would not be inside it. This wasn’t because the Tibetan mastiff was precious. In fact, dogfighting competition often involved millions of dollars of gambles at stake. There’s no case they wouldn’t purchase the Tibetan mastiff because they were having a heartache but instead, because when the Tibetan mastiff attacked another dog, it really didn’t have the killing instinct that was accumulated from all the bloody fighting as it’s usually raised in the cage.

And for the current bull terrier, its shoulder height was up till 1 m, it’s body length was about 1 1/2 m. And it absolutely weighed over 100 kg. The whole body was covered in the shiny fur. Its mouth was full with feet long saliva. With its sharp claws, there’s no doubt that it could shred an adult within minutes.

After approaching, Zhou Jian could even smell the blood on the body of the dog. This faint smell of blood was accumulated from years of fighting. This kind of American bull terrier was absolutely a variant that emerged after the catastrophe. It perhaps wouldn’t be able to fight against tigers and lions, but it could absolutely sweep against the leopard if it bumped into it. Among the jungle hunters, this dog had a strong reputation, bearing that of a hellhound.

In the Brazilian and African jungles, many jungle hunters tamed some dog variants. The main role of these dogs was not to capture and kill the monsters. No matter how much of a variant the dog was, its teeth couldn’t be faster than the machine guns bullet.

The main role of the dog was for investigation. By relying on its keen sense of smell, the dog could find potential attacker ahead of time and rushed out to bite its neck off.

At the very least, even if there’s a sneak attack, with a dog that’s as fierce as a leopard by the side, the possibility of turning defeat into victory was also larger.

The Bull Terrier was counted as superior among the fighting dog variants, but this animal was simply nothing in rank when compared to the Anaconda variant.

The female receptionist in the hotel lobby turned pale when she saw the dog. And those young ladies who were trying to sell their bodies had all ran off. They feared of being caught by this man. If things didn’t turn out well, they might be forced to be this dog’s plaything.

The receptionist was very afraid and said in Portuguese. “Sir, we cannot allow pet into the hotel….” She’s very cautious when saying pet this word, because this wasn’t just a pet ah. It could snap off a person’s neck with just a bite.

The man frowned, and in a chilly tone, spat out two words. “Wanna die?”

The receptionist jumped in fright and didn’t dare to utter anything more. The jungle hunters here were all outlaws. It’s common for them to get rid of people with just a word. Or if he let go of the chain and the dog charged forward, she would just lived for another five seconds.

But, the jungle hunters generally wouldn’t dare to misbehave in the hotels, because the hotels in Norris City usually had some backing. Still, the receptionist was truly frightened.

The Brazilian police was just a decoration in Norris City. If they encountered a jungle hunter killer, they would wished that they were hidden far away. It’s not that they didn’t want to act on it, but that they couldn’t control it.

Since the last century’s catastrophe, Brazil hadn’t been unified. The government forces and the anti-government forces had armed fights. There’s no strong governance and the police were holding onto a mentality of drifting along, living day by day. If they clashed heads with the jungle hunters, then it’s just courting death. Their skills were already inferior, and their weaponry as well. The Brazilian police’s weapons arming were already very good. Everyone had a revolver on hand, and parts of the police force were also supplied with MP5 mini submachine gun.

But, these groups of jungle hunters would frequently carry miniature Gatling guns and even rocket launchers. On their waists were hung two anti-tank grenades just like an old farmer would put two boiled eggs in his pocket while working in the fields.

If fought against them, wasn’t this courting death.

The man pulling the bull terrier’s leash walked into the hall and later sat on a sofa. He pulled off his jungle boots that’s muddied all over and turned it upside down. He poured water out of the pair of shoes. There’s even a 10cm long leech squirming around.

The man lifted his foot and squashed down on the leech, forcing out a stream of blood that shot toward the glass of the table top like an arrow.

The receptionist’s mouth corner twitched unnaturally for a moment or two. Zhou Jian also felt like this was a dangerous character. He took his room key and quickly hurried upstairs. He haven’t completed the check-in procedure and was just going to look at the room. He didn’t have any sense of security staying in the hall.

Once he entered the room, Zhou Jian quickly hung a do not disturb sign and switched into his Ghost Killer avatar to complete the check in procedure.

His weak point was too obvious. He’s fragile like a paper in front of the dog. Zhou Jian was a little upset when he thought about this. How could he overcome this weakness? Practiced ancient Wu? This seemed a little too long?

Zhou Jian shook his head. This strengthening plan was simply impossible. He slowly walked towards the man.

The receptionist felt silly. What was this boy trying to do?

The man who’s tidying up his boots frowned. His right hand inadvertently moved towards his waist, obviously ready to draw out his gun at any time. Those who walked the thin life between life and death were always a little oversensitive.

The bull terrier that was squatting by the side also stood up. Its back was bending slightly and sending out threatening growls towards Zhou Jian. As long as its owner issued an order, it would rush out to bite off its enemy’s throat.

Zhou Jian walked until he’s about three meters away from the guy and stopped. He lightly coughed and used English to say: “Excuse me. I have a business deal. Are you willing to talk?”

Before the catastrophe, the official language of Brazil was Portuguese. But after the catastrophe, due to the death of a large number of the Brazilian population and at the same time, the sharp influx of foreign population, English had gradually replaced Portuguese as the lingua franca.

Originally, the man was not feeling well in his mind because he was bothered by Zhou Jian, but when he heard that there’s a business deal, he gradually became more comfortable. “What business?”

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