GTI Chapter 95

Huh, so many things happened. I was travelling across Asia recently and the uneven travelling time and tension from the travel cause me to lost my interest in doing this then.

But now that I’m back (travelling to Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau again in October), I’ll try to ease back. Probably do 3 chapters until I get used to it again. Not really much motivation actually.

And this chapter was done in bits across 2 months, so I might worded things differently. I settled down in early September only because I ran out of money in Japan. I started again then but Just a Smile is Very Alluring had its drama and movie and I just have to catch up on it.

Now that it ended, I wanted to post this yesterday but I caught a very nasty stomach virus. Puking and diarrhea. I’m feeling very weak now and that’s the reason this came out cause I’m confined to my bed and rushing to the restroom. Practically oozing out fluids from all three orifice – tmi.

Chapter 095