GTI Chapter 103

Release 2 of the week.

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a mistake to use the plugin that allow the reader to inform me if there’s spelling mistake.

Cause I just usually do a light edit on the chapters. None at all if I’m rushing. It’s especially bad during the earlier chapters.

So, I’ll get a lot of notifications once in a while. Since it’s just notifying me of the errors without allowing response of a solution, I get in a muddle sometimes about how I should edit those errors.

Oh, and if anyone’s wondering, my English is much better than what’s translated usually. The awkward sentence structures and grammar usually happened because my brain kept on switching between Chinese and English when I’m doing this that I tend to follow the Chinese conventions.

The words might be incorrect using the English syntax but since I’m thinking about the raw then, I would think using the Chinese syntax and went. Oh, that sounds right.

Chapter 103