GTI Chapter 76-2

Another release today.

A few emailed me that the previous chapter 76 and the chapter 77 released just now don’t flow.

I’d also noticed it too and yup, there’s actually 2 chapter 76. Well, wouldn’t you know it. I missed the second chapter 76 because I went through my files by chapter numbers.

So, I’d worked on the 2nd portion as well. This chapter was before the chapter 77.

Chapter 076-2

GTI Chapter 76

Today was a very painful day. I’d some food poisoning yesterday. The full effect came right after I’d posted yesterday’s post.

And today, I was camping in the restroom and leaking fluid everywhere. Don’t imagine it.

Coupled with a terrible migraine and very sore body, I was just resting and tried to recover as much as possible.

Chapter 076

GTI Chapter 75

I’m easing back into schedule. Actually, I have enough time to release more daily for the moment, but there’s so many new translations popping up in NU. I’d went through a few and couldn’t help myself from reading ahead on the raws.

So any time I could have used here and used there instead.

Chapter 075

GTI Chapter 74

Sorry for disappearing. It was intentional. Alright, it’s not.

What happened was that my computer went down. I bought it to be repaired but the technician said that the motherboard was fried and needed to be changed. Unfortunately, the model was no longer in production and it’s no longer worth it fix it anyway.

So, the only option left was to buy a new laptop. However, it came with a bunch of dilemmas. I’d previously mentioned that I spent almost all my money on a recent purchase. That remained true and the timing was really bad. I was financially constrained, like to the level when I first graduated from university. Not a happy picture. It was like, spent a bit overboard and I’ll need to have instant noodles just to pay rent. Guess what I’m eating now.

I wanted a high end laptop but couldn’t afford it. Besides, the new 1080GTX had just been launched but it’s not released out in any model yet. Ah, the agony! Besides, I don’t think I could afford it with my budget at the moment.

So, what am I going to do? Get a cheap one and then purchase a better one several months later when my wallet fatten up a bit and the new GPU was out? I was tempted but it’s not worth it financially. I settled on a lower mid tier laptop. It’s the cheapest mid tier one. Hey, my hands were tied and with the money save from what I’d budgeted, I spent a bit more to upgrade the storage and RAM.

Here’s the damage.



Brand new Lenovo. Do I like it? Truthfully no. I’m still a little iffy. It’s faster than my old one but the keyboard was terrible for my gargantuan fingers and it’s not that responsive. I wanted a model without the numpad but the models available were either not powerful enough or out of my reach. It’s cramped and not as sturdy as my old one. That one can take abuse. I feel like this one might crack if I used too much force. I have a lot of spelling errors because the computer skipped letters. And you can see that I’m using 2 external keyboard at the back, which couldn’t be used when I’m working outside.

Transferring the files took a lot of time. I’m still moving them right now. But moving the software was a nightmare. Searching back for old serial numbers etc. And Windows 10 was also a nightmare. It’s not stable and some of my programs couldn’t support it. And I got blackscreen a few times that wiped off a few afternoons work. I wasn’t very happy at all with Windows 10.

And I relied on the text to speech function to translate. I understood verbal Chinese, not written Chinese. And it’s not playing nice with the translation assistant tool. Something with the Microsoft ASP.NET not functioning in Windows 10 when it comes to the Chinese voice synthesis. I had to paste the line one by one into Acapela Box right now to get the audio and it’s very time consuming. Any idea to get the HuiHui voice working again in the translation tool, let me know.

And with that, new chapter.

Chapter 074

And with this new keyboard, I averaged 3 spelling errors per sentence before editing. It’s really frustrating.