GTI Chapter 98

3/3 for the week. It’s freaking hot. My place doesn’t has an AC. I’m considering moving after my contract’s up. Any other ideas to cool down? I’m already undressed all the way down. Chapter 098

GTI Chapter 96

I forgot how much of a time sink this translation thing was. And I think there’s a bit of a screw up in formatting. Didn’t appear like how I wanted it to. 1/3 regular chapters this week. Chapter 096

GTI Chapter 95

Huh, so many things happened. I was travelling across Asia recently and the uneven travelling time and tension from the travel cause me to lost my interest in doing this then. But now that I’m back (travelling to Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau again in October), I’ll try to ease back. Probably do 3 chapters …

GTI Chapter 94

This was supposed to be released about 2 weeks ago, but I was rushing to the airport to fly to Bangkok then. And yeah, I was kinda in a transition all along. It’s hard to translate when you’re traveling around and being new location all the time, meeting new people and have to solve all …

GTI Chapter 93

I screwed up a bit when posting the link. It failed. Chapter 093 On other note, I’m flying to Thailand tomorrow. I’ll try to squeeze one more out if I have the time.

GTI Chapter 91

Yup, I’d been missing cause I’d been reading up all of last week. I caught up to a few series in their raws including the Cultivation Chat Group among them. Bad news for you and good news for me. This month and next, I’ll be travelling a lot. To put it into perspective,  I’ll be …

GTI Chapter 90

Today was really tiring for me. Because I didn’t have a car and planned to take the public transport to take a parcel from the post office hq, I got sidetracked instead. How long? 7 hours. I’d wasted 7 hours waiting at the sidewalk and sitting in the bus. And I’d also changed 7 buses …

GTI Chapter 89

The previous plugin I used to distort the scrapping failed with the new wordpress update. So, what I did now was to just ban the ip address Let see if it works. Chapter 089