Chapter 036 – These Strong Men (Part 2)

Chapter 36: These Strong Men (Part 2)

Seeing all this, Zhou Jian was dumbfounded. The Western girl angrily turned her head around and saw the man with a bank card. He said: “Miss, your bank card fell.”

This man is one of the four strong male bounty hunters who’s pointing at Zhou Jian. His arm was tattooed with a cross.

The Western girl frowned and looked at the bank card at hand. With some resentment, she said: “This isn’t mine.”

“Oh, then it’s my mistake.” That person shrugged. He took the bank card and walked back to the three other people. Everybody there smiled and bumped fists. They then handed out green US dollar notes to the man.

Zhou Jian realized that those guys were making a bet. The three others betted that the person wouldn’t dare to touch Linda’s ass. But that person showed them otherwise.

If he didn’t enter the underground bank, Zhou Jian would have likely taken this opportunity to teach those four guys a lesson. It’s not because of the Western girl, but because he didn’t like those four men.

But now, he had an ill-wisher mentality. He actually took pleasure in other’s misfortune. Looking at the Western girl admitting defeat was also very amusing. After chattering so much endlessly, now she’d her retribution.

Zhou Jian thought that Linda would give up on it. These Western girls are so open. If they’re touched, then so be it. After all, they have so much meat. But, he didn’t expect that Linda would walk directly to those four.

What will this Western girl do? Those four tall and strong men are likely to be bounty hunters. She’s not going to fight them, right?

The four people whistled when they saw her coming towards them. “Beautiful, are you coming here to go to bed with me?”

The Western girl walked towards the four men and raised her hand. “Pa!”

The crisp slapping sound on the face resounded throughout the hall. Suddenly, Zhou Jian was dumbfounded. Even those customers who’re almost asleep waiting for their numbers are also astonished and looked over.

The Caucasian guy that was hit looked foolish under the public’s gaze. His right cheek is a chunk of red. It conspicuously contrasts against his fair skin.

“F**k!” The guy was angry out of shame. He lifted his hand to slap back but he didn’t think that she would even pull up her leg for a pre-emptive strike. The guy had to give up on his attack and backed up in time to evade this sinisterly vicious strike.

Then, the few people around the guy also stood up and surrounded Linda. The black guy whispered something. Although he was also saying in English, but because of the distinct accent, Zhou Jian didn’t understand it.

The Western girl snorted. She drew out her finger and curled it into a hook shape against those four men. “Singled out. Do you dare?”

She turned around after she said this and walked towards the second floor. The four men stared at each other and smiled. This woman, she unexpectedly wanted to go one on one with them, really interesting.

The four people excitedly followed up to the second floor.
The others saw such a lively thing. Their businesses are now of less importance, and they followed in mass.

After seeing this, the hall manager knitted his eyebrows. In the underground bank, it’s this type of occurrence that gave the most headache. The Bounty Hunter Association has always been full of violence. Its members’ temperament are irritable. They don’t settle things using their mouth.

As for the underground bank attitude, as long as both sides are voluntary and won’t cause any robbery, and as long as no lives are lost, the bank won’t care about it. After all, the underground bank is also under the US Mafia that’s famous for its freedom and military force.

But once played up, even if there wasn’t any life lost, causing disability was a common thing. This type of dispute is often very difficult.

The hall manager helplessly followed to the second floor. In the second floor, there’s a training room provided to the VIP bounty hunters to practice. Because it’s more spacious, it became the best place for bounty hunters to solve their dispute.

The Western girl and the four bounty hunters took their place. The audience encircled them. They were discussing excitedly. That there’s a beauty participating in a brutal fight is an unusual matter.

Zhou Jian didn’t plan to meddle in. He was still taking to heart about the Western girl’s questioning about the Chinese civilization history. Although, he acknowledged that there’s a lot of shitty Chinese scientists who’s best at fabricating to gain fame. But, to be questioned by his own people was one thing. To be questioned by foreigners was another matter.

The Caucasian that touched the Western girl’s ass went to the training ground with an obscene smile. He took off his shirt, exposing his abundant muscles. This also didn’t matter, he continued with several bodybuilding poses, provoking the Western women around the crowd to shout out.

The man basked in the praises for half a minute. Then, he faced Linda and hooked his finger.

Linda cast off her cap. She then held it with her two hands, and then suddenly swung her arms to throw it at the guy. He instinctively used his hand to block it off. At this moment, Linda’s slender legs erupted in astonishing speed. In a blink of an eye, she showed up in front of the guy and sent a high kick directly towards his face.!

“Pa!” This kick was ruthless enough. The Caucasian guy was knocked till he’s dizzy, his eyes are almost like rolling up. Linda followed this up with a hot pursuit. She lifted her knee up and hit against his lower abdomen. This hit was absolutely strong. The guy cried out pitifully while covering his belly. His body bowed like a dried out shrimp.

Linda took this opportunity to seize his arm. And then, she pivoted and fell backward. The Caucasian guy who weighed, at least, 100kg flew to the sky before crashing down to the ground.

This series of actions couldn’t be connected by the people’s eyes. The audience burst into exclamations. Zhou Jian was also shocked. He didn’t see that this Western girl was actually so powerful. Certainly, this was relative to another woman. Actually, the Caucasian guy was just good to look at like a beautiful useless flower. His muscle was practiced for decoration only. In fighting or anything else, it’s insufficient to react to anything. He shouldn’t be a bounty hunter, but an ordinary member of the US Mafia.

Linda extended her index finger towards the Caucasian guy who’s groaning on the ground. Then, gracefully swayed it. Her meaning was : You, not good. (tl: whoa, Bruce Lee)

His several companions had a terrible complexion. The black man’s face looked even darker. He pushed the people to go up and then removed his cap, revealing his pot lid hairstyle. He muttered a sentence.

This time, Zhou Jian understood him. He wanted to fight with Linda and wanted to bet on the victory.

Linda said: “What do you want to bet?”

The black man extracted a pile of dollars from his wallet. From the thickness, it’s estimated to be around 3000-4000 USD. He raised the money in front of Linda and said something.

“What did he said?” Zhou Jian asked an American by his side.

The American said with a smile: “He said that if the beautiful woman wins, this money is hers. But if he wins, she will have to accompany him for one night. Haha. This is really interesting.”

Linda’s complexion was cloudy. Obviously, she wasn’t confident in herself. But, she still couldn’t let it go, and said: “Then bet on it. But if I win, I don’t want the money. I want you to crawl three times around the bounty hunter bank.”

“Can.” The black man directly promised. He obviously had full confidence in his own strength.

Zhou Jian touched his chin. He felt that time, things aren’t as easy. He felt that the black man wasn’t a good fight. He might not even be American, but a true bounty hunter from another country. For example, the African or Brazilian jungle. In that case, this Western girl was estimated to lose.

Linda felt that the atmosphere isn’t right. The black man is too self-confident. As if to defeat her was just a trifle. But now, she’s already riding the tiger, she could only preemptively strike.

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  1. Using spirit needle once again. Also, history pls. Just carbon date that shit.

  2. Author please stop. Western woman are not open to random ass grabery and MC please get over your damn self. No need to get salty cause you lost an argument. Mr translator how long does the America arc last?

    1. So far, I’m about 15 chaps ahead. The arc can be considered ended, but he’s still in the US.

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