GTI Chapter 112

No, I certainly did not received promotion. I wished I did.

And I’d also received emails asking where’d I been. So yeah.

A bit about me.

I’m almost into my third decade, and my mom had been wanting me to settle down. For her, I’m too carefree and was willing to stay in the status quo.

That’s why she’d been egging me to purchase my own house and car etc. Yes, I’m renting, and taking public transport/ walking everywhere. She’s been sending me brochures and volunteering to put the deposit.

But to pay for the rest requires a number of financial commitment over the long run that I don’t want to commit yet. So, this is why I took up the role. Otherwise, there’s NO way. It’s a meat grinder and I’m working 13-14 hours weekdays, including weekend.

It’s a lateral move for me, meaning no adjustment or anything because I’m the best talent available while they searched for a long term replacement. I’m supposed to hold on for up to a year at best and then change.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have take this because frankly, my wellbeing decreased from this move. I’m just about breaking even because my new place and cost of living here is so freaking expensive. I used to have a place for myself, and access to a large mall just minutes away. Now, I’m sharing a studio with a roommate and I can reached the kitchen in just 3 steps, while I have to take Uber to go anywhere.

However, my boss promised a promotion. One big enough of a leap with salary adjustment that meant I’ll be satisfied with even if I received the same into my forties. It’s that good. While I’m bleeding money now, I’m just telling myself to keep holding on for another year, and it’ll all be good.

That or I break down first. It’s a gamble. Suffer now for a better future.

Chapter 112

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  1. Yikes! Some friendly advice: start looking out for your health ASAP. If nothing else, drink lots of tea and take vitamins. Good luck!

  2. Try to be alive bro.Eat a lot of fruits and meat look after your health.if your in good health then you can translate more chapters.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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