GTI Chapter 6

Regular release 2/5

I dozed off as soon as I returned home from work. I slept for 1-2 hours before I stirred awake and took a quick shower to freshen up.

I didn’t realize how tired I was.

I have to work both days this weekend as well so less time to do any translation.

Also, I’d touched up on the site because it wasn’t showing up right in mobile. Do let me know if there’s any issue cause I won’t know otherwise.

Chapter 006

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  1. Tq for the chapter.
    I dont know if it’s my mobile or it’s your website, but everytime I click the link, always snap (error) so I must go back n click it again before I could read the chapter.

    Anyway, tq for the chapter 🙂

      1. Hi Capa, i think your website is okay now, and for error( 1-3 days ago) maybe it is just for google chrome on android.,because yesterday i change to opera mini and your website is okay( i can access it) (sorry for my bad english)

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