GTI Chapter 2

Here’s chapter 2. Enjoy.

I have to admit. This chapter almost killed me. It’s painful to work on. I’d work on it for 3 days before I could come out with a draft. It’s almost 6000 words long.

I have to rethink my release schedule if all the chapters are this long. And I discovered another problem with translating straight from the raws.

The grammar. I’m still so stuck with Chinese grammar because I was doing it by audio that when I translate it, I followed the Chinese version directly. Too many passive voice etc doesn’t make for an interesting read, and Mandarin doesn’t differentiate past and present tense well. But I’m too tired or numbed from the sheer amount of text to go correct them one by one. So, this won’t be my focus. Minimum viable product.

Also, I brushed up the website, and had apply for Adsense. Since I never used it before, it’ll probably take some time to be approved which is why I’m still seeing blank space.

Chapter 002

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