Chapter 114

Chapter 114 CIA speculation

第114章 中情局的推测

  ”How does one make the data cable and wire passed through the ventilation holes? I understand that they do not even fit the entire arm.” the Vice President asked.

  ”Robots. Some kind of advanced pipe robot. It traveled in the pipeline at an alarming rate. We can be sure that the other party was familiar with the vent structure and the pipe robot was specially designed for this ventilation hole diameter size. We can guess that it is the type that could move around 360 degrees.” (tl: a bit unfamiliar with the last sentence.)

  ”So, who do you think the spies are?” The Secretary of Defense asked this. His facial expression still didn’t look good.

  ”Temporarily, it’s not conclusive. We have all the staff in the military lab from that night under 24-hour surveillance. And as I said earlier, there are two spies. One person is responsible for tampering with the camera records while the other directly commit the crime. We guessed that the perpetrator directly responsible for committing the crime was one among the 17 special forces killed as a sacrifice.”

  ”Nonsense!” the Secretary of Defense banged the table. He could not tolerate Michel insulting those soldiers who died for the country.

  ”Mr. Secretary, if the spy wasn’t among those 17 soldiers, we can not explain how the spy finally find a way out of the central chamber.”

  ”So, you tell me where did Sam’s laptop and lost energy stone go to if they are not in any of the dead man’s body?”

  ”As I said, there is a robot in the vents. For a laptop, if you used a tool to cut it transversely three times, you can take it out through the vents. Even if the hard drive may be damaged, it can be repaired after it was brought out. The other party used the robot to take away the laptop entirely to give us an illusion that the spy managed to successfully leave.”

  ”Excluding the military laboratory high-level Sam and Brown from being suspected of committing the crime, we investigated the 17 soldiers killed up to an hour before the incident – the records of their whereabouts. Five men do not have an alibi, but the remaining 12 people cannot be removed as suspects. This is because we cannot ensure that there are no other spies that the opposite party had placed.”

  ”There is no alibi? The camera? The picture that the cameras caught of them patrolling is fake?”

  ”I’ll say again. The video camera has been tampered with, and the other party way tampering is very brilliant, and eliminate any traces of tampering.”

  ”The other side was lurking behind Sam and followed him to enter into the central chamber. We’d checked in Sam’s case. He was suffering from low blood pressure, heart disease and glaucoma. His body was thin like a firewood and was easy to faint. And because of glaucoma, his vision was impaired. If it is a master lurking behind him even in close proximity, he is unlikely to be found.”

  ” After the things happened like explained, the spy accidentally triggered the alarm, in which case he has been unable to escape. So, he just let the robot transport the Blood Crystal and stayed behind to fight against the soldiers rushing in. And finally, once he killed everyone, he himself was also seriously injured and died. Of course, it’s more likely that he committed suicide.”

  ”Wonderful, really wonderful!” Michel, with his tinted glasses, clapped his hands. But no matter how one listened, his words are full of irony, “the explanation that can turn the impossible into the possible. Mr. Smith is indeed a lawyer.”

  Smith coldly humped. “If you have other ideas, I am willing to listen.”

  The Vice-President said: “Michel should say something. Smith’s analysis makes sense.”

  Michel knocked his pipe. He smiled and said: “I remembered there are 17 soldiers plus a laboratory official involved, for a total of 18 people. But only two died of M4 gunshots. The others are killed by a dagger. I’d carefully checked each dagger and army knife on the site. Of which, none had been contaminated by more than 10 people’s blood. If it’s like Mr. Smith said. Then, where did the dagger that killed 16 people in a row go? Does he even have a robot to send the dagger out? Oh, yes, as you said, this man also used this dagger to commit suicide …… “

  Smith frowned and did not refute anything, but he also knew that his reasoning had questionable points. Yet, he could not think of a better reasoning.

  ”And you said that the camera has been tampered with. I found it hard to believe that at New York time yesterday, 20:06, in the basement entrance. the camera clearly captured 17 soldiers in additions to Brown, a total of 18 people who went into the basement. This means that the 18 individuals have an alibi when Sam was attacked in it. If you insist that one person was added later, then I can only lament the other party’s ability to modify the video is too strong. “

  ”And, if you want to modify the video to such perfection, there must be a mole, directly playing tricks from the main control room. Then why was the camera in the laboratory building roof vents even needed to be tempered from the outside? My people had checked the camera. There are people who hacked in and replaced the video of the scene.”

  When Michel spoke till here, Smith coldly interrupted him. “You do not have to show off your findings. What’s in front of us is an impossible matter. Every reasoning has loopholes. We can only try and seek out the reasoning with the least loophole as a conclusion. “

  ”No, no. You obviously knew that there is a simpler conclusion to explain this, but do not want to believe it.”

  ”Explain what?” The Vice President questioned.

  ”I told my men to simulate a variety of possible modus operandi, and each ultimately ended in failure. I have finally reached the conclusion that the other side is a special ability user, one whose ability we did not learn of.”

  ”What abilities?” Smith laughed out, “Phasing through walls? Teleport? Stealth? (tl: Bingo!) Or are you telling me that he turned into a fly to fly out when the soldiers rushed in? “

  There is various kind of special abilities that existed in this world, but all their abilities have to follow the laws of physics. Plainly, the power to control and use energy. To use energy to release the fireball, turn ice into water, move quickly, and even short flight, and so on.

  It could be said, that the results achieved by using abilities, all human could use high-tech equipment to achieved the same result.

  It has been widely rumored that some of the special ability users can teleport through short distances, but in fact, it is only because the speed was too fast that caused this illusion.

  But similar to phasing through walls, things affecting the physical like stealth, shape shifting and so on could not be explained by the current physics laws. It’s impossible for the body to pass through walls. The light cannot pass through the human body. Not to say the least, even if there are ways to make the human body become transparent, but those cannot eliminate the occurrence of light refraction when passing through a different medium. Otherwise, it violates the basic principles of the law of the speed of light.

  That refraction will be found, that is to say, at this stage of human understanding of the scientific and technological means, complete stealth is regarded as impossible. Therefore, Smith verbally ridiculed it.

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