Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Pentagon Meeting

第113章 五角大楼的会议

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Now, Nicholas did not want to leave behind any legend and the like. He had thought that entering the military lab is a great challenge. Adventurous and exciting, but he never thought that so many people would die. FBI ah, it’s not my thing, I really did not mean to trigger the alarm so that you walked over into death.

In fact, what people always do in the event of a dangerous thing was to think how far one should hide and how deep. Once that dangerous thing had something related with oneself, you would always think the worst. Fear this, fear that. As if one would betray himself. Now, Nicholas was even looking at his wife with skepticism. As for the phone he used to contact Zhou Jian, Nicholas made a very wise move like Zhou Jian did – smashed the phone and thrown it into the Hudson River.

Go to Canada, then transfer to Australia. Ah, don’t go …… better go to Somalia. There’s no extradition treaty in Somalia, and it’s more secure to avoid for a while. Nicholas’ face was bitter. If he knew, he would not have taken up this mission.

“Sweetheart ~ ~ ~ Why walk so anxiously.” Kelly prettily asked.

“Ha ha.” Nicholas squeezed out a smile that’s barely better than a cry. “This mission is over, I’ll take you to Somalia …… uh, just kidding, take you to Africa to see the lions.”

“Well, yes, I like ……”


Heavy snow fell over the night and the next morning, Washington has become a snow covered world. As the sun rises, the pedestrian and traffic on the street gradually increased. Orange snow plowing car slowly came out. The people drove from the suburbs to rush to commute to their work at downtown. Some of them had in their mouths, toasts that were freshly out of the toasters. A cup of steaming hot milk by the driver’s seat. Little children were wearing winter dress while walking through the streets and playing. It’s already the holiday for them. Nothing was more exciting thane than Christmas snow.

In the Washington suburbs, a symbol of the American military, the Pentagon has stood here for centuries. The Pentagon has been the world’s largest office buildings. Although it was involved in a few terrorist attacks and the subsequent catastrophe destroyed it, but later repaired.

The snow covered the wide Pentagon area like a huge white cashmere cap. Unfortunately, in the interior of the building, the atmosphere was not so harmonious.

“This is really a Christmas gift that I will never forget!” In the conference room, with his face the color of anger, the US Secretary of Defense was pounding on the table.

This havoc in US history, the biggest espionage case shocked the entire leadership of the United States. The President has laid down a visit to Europe and prepared a special plane to fly back to the United States today.

By now, it’s really is not the time to be held accountable. If we really want someone to resign, then the CIA, FBI, NSA and DoD personnel responsible are all to be blamed.

At this time, the department leaders responsible for the United States national security are all gathered here. They did not realize that the future of this meeting will go down in history, foreshadowing a series of future turmoil in the world.

Sometimes, the butterfly effect is so wonderful. Zhou Jian sneaked into the military laboratory in order to complete the “Myth” mission. And this mission was triggered simply because of Wen Ren Hui Yin’s aunt, Su Lan had a disease. Never would Su Lan think that her illness actually had such a large degree of influence on the patterns of the world.

The head of the National Security Agency, Henry’s face was very poor. As early as last night, he was already verbally abused by the Secretary of Defense. Looking at the situation this morning, he was going to be scolded ……

Speaking of his bad luck, he had to sit at this table with this circle of people. In addition to the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense, there are other officials of the same rankings. But, the CIA and FBI are not under the Department of Defense, so this task of plugging the gun muzzle fell under the National Security Agency Chief.

“There’s 12 hours till the Mr. President return. I hoped that before he returned home, we can solve the problem.” The speaker was US Vice President, George. Of course, although he said those words, George knew there was little likelihood of completing this task. They didn’t even know which country this spy came from.

“Michel, what is your opinion?”

Michel is the director of the CIA. A middle-aged in the forties, a medium height, brown eyes and an old-fashioned British pipe dangling from his mouth. His facial expression was very dull.

He smiled, “Let Secretary Smith speak.”

Smith is the director of the FBI. The FBI and the CIA did not always deal well together. This was because both had some degree of overlap in the responsibilities and job content. Such as, they are engaged in counterintelligence work, responsible for national security, collecting terrorist information and intelligence.

In some places, they will have a contradiction and the two organizations will often quarrel to contend for merit and pass the buck. As early as when the FBI was established, its first director, Hoover had argued with the CIA Director all the way up to the White House.

Smith looked at Michel coldly and said: “We suspect that this espionage happened because someone succeeds in planting spies inside the military laboratory. Or else, he could not sneak away through layers of security into the central chamber.”

Smith said this and looked at Secretary of Defense, the other party’s face unnaturally twitched a bit. His remarks naturally sounded too harsh to the Secretary of Defense. After all, the military laboratory is under the jurisdiction of his department. If Smith said that there was a spy inside, he naturally lost face. But this time, he was also unable to argue anything because he felt it may be the case.

“Go on.” the Vice President said.

“At least three other spies, including two spies in the military laboratory. One is responsible for tampering with the camera records and the other in charge of sneaking into the center to steal. You can now exclude that the spies are high ranking in the military laboratory because those at the top has already the permission to  enter the central chamber. So, they have no reason to take this approach. ”

“We found in the center chamber’s ventilation holes, a hundred meter long wire and cable, and switches. They are hidden deep within. In addition, we  find traces of the wire friction on the camera support on the roof. The preliminary analysis was that the spy ties the wire to  the camera’s steel frame to use the wire to lift himself up to avoid the central chamber alarm system. As for the data cable, it is to unlock the password. Even for a computer expert, to want to unlock the master password also requires an advanced decoder. This thing is bulky and impossible to bring into the central chamber. So, they will send out the data out using the data cable and the wireless signal switch, an intelligence officer lurking at the periphery to do the decryption.”

“How does one make the data cable and wire passed through the ventilation holes? I understand that they do not even fit the entire arm,” the Vice President asked.


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