Chapter 110 – Getaway (Part 1)

Chapter 110: Getaway (Part 1)

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  Howard frowned. If he did not to take into account of the opposite party’s identity, he would definitely freak out on the spot. “If the state secret is lost, then what’s the value of keeping it secret to us?”

  ”Several of the boxes must not be opened.” Brown refused to give way, especially for the box number 13, which is known as the Pandora’s Box. Its content is incomparable against those aircraft carrier and missile designs.

  Howard stared at Brown, his mouth muscles constantly twitching. “Well, we will be waiting here. Waiting for that spy to suffocate in the safe.”

  Howard said and pulled a chair to sit down next to the main computer. Now, he has no other viable means. All commands had been issued. The entire military laboratory was subjected to a tight blockade, while the entire Franklin city was subjected to search. But Howard understood that these searches are just for surface appearance. Since the other party could silently sneak into the underground central chamber, the strength must be beyond the limits of his imagination. As long as the thief can leave the military laboratory, he’s like a fish entering into the sea. It’s simply a breeze to want to avoid those silly FBI.

  The time past minutes by minutes. Howard’s facial muscles are taut. He looked at his watch from time to time. It’s almost half past eight, and the opposite party at the other side of the safe is always motionless. He is certainly not that naive to think that the other party had suffocated in the safe. Then, where is he?

  From the time the alarm sounded and their rush into the central laboratory, there’s a gap for just one minute. And within a minute, the central chamber was completely sealed. Unless the thief can turn into a mouse and drilled down the vent, otherwise he cannot leave. So, why can’t anyone be found?

  Unless the other party can walk through the wall, or invisibility.

  Is it a special ability to manipulate metal or light?

  Those with special abilities are really powerful, but it’s not to the extent of heaven-defying. They only have powers like telekinesis, turning water into ice and so on. In a real fight, they are not necessarily better than the common experts. As for those who have the abilities to freeze water, or shoot fireballs or wind cutters, naturally, it won’t be better than using bullets.

  Manipulating metal. Manipulating light? Is this really a special ability?

  Having fought all the way up and with his current position, Howard has a soldier’s fiery hot temper, but he also has the calm quality of a careered military man.

  His careful observed around him, the positions and the detection range of each infrared alarm are committed to memory. Thinking back to the central chamber’s alarm “Ms. Brown ……” Howard suddenly stood up and walked over to Brown’s side to whisper.

  Moments later, Brown looked around puzzled, her eyes showing a look of disbelief but eventually she nodded her head.

  Brown walked towards the main computer and entered the access code. She then started connecting to the central chamber’s alarm system.

  These alarm systems are all directly controlled by the main computer, including the pressure sensor alarm systems, the laser alarm systems, as well as the infrared sensor alarm system.

  Before the soldiers arrived, the alarm had been shut down and was now reopened. Because of the people in the room, the weight on the floor had gone beyond its usual bearing weight, and the ear-piercing alarm suddenly rang again.

  Brown went out of the infrared sensor alarm system and the computer screen suddenly showed a three-dimensional view of the underground chamber.

  Then, on the three-dimensional model, a blue spot suddenly appeared. Green spot, more and more spots. They became denser and denser and slowly began converging together to form a human-like image.

  Infrared imaging!

  All objects with own temperature will emit out thermal radiation. As humans are warm-blooded animals, their thermal radiation will emit out infrared. An instrument can be used to describe the people’s shape. Orange would represent high local temperature, while green and blue for lower temperature. This is also how the sniper infrared scope worked.


   At that moment, Zhou Jian felt goosebumps. The Ghost Killer was unable to hide from infrared, which has been proven in the Amazon forest.

  He will be found!

  In that instance, an idea crossed Zhou Jian’s brain. Howard had pulled back the M4 machine gun bolt. On the computer screen, there’s an impressive image of a man. He was clinging to the wall above his head.

  Found you. Howard suddenly turned around fiercely. Blue veins popping out from his face one after another. “Go to hell!”

  Howard went crazy as he pulled the trigger towards Zhou Jian’s location. The machine gun was sprouting out foot long flame. The heat bursting out from the barrel was roaring so loudly that everyone ears went numb. He never thought to capture of the spy. With the other party’s strange occult skill and ability, he did not dare to take the risk.

  At that moment, when the feeling of death is so near, Zhou Jian clenched his teeth and jumped. Actually, he still felt some heat in his lower abdomen. A bullet broke through his defensive armor and went into his body. At that moment, time seemed to stop, and he could see the marks left on his armor and the blood running out.

  Was he found?

  If one walk too much at night, one will eventually meet with a ghost. The soldiers that guarded the military laboratory are elites of the nation’s special forces. How can it be so easy to deceive them?

  Zhou Jian fingers trembled. Shadow Assassination jumped into the center of his palm.

  Faced with the moment of life and death fight, Zhou Jian’s mind is clear. If he attacks, stealth will fail. He will appear in front of sixteen heavily armed soldiers. At that time, there’s only two results. Either he kills everyone or dies here.

  What will happen if he killed everyone? He refused to consider this. At the moment, he simply had no choice.

  Earlier during the Amazon forest, he had encountered a life and death fight. But that was different with this time. This time, his opponents are…… humans. A living breathing human just like himself.

  Bullet wanton poured onto the metal wall, sparking off bursts of fireworks.

  Hit nothing? Howard almost made an instant judgment. His machine gun draws an arc following his feeling. Half of the ammunition clip bullets were fired at the ceiling.

  The bullets fired at the ceiling flew past close to Zhou Jian’s thigh. Howard couldn’t see Zhou Jian. His shooting was just based on his soldier’s intuition.

  A formidable opponent. This thought crossed through Zhou Jian’s mind. He kicked his foot on the ceiling, his body flew down like a diving kite.

  ”Everyone shoot up!” Howard screamed. A dozen soldiers raised their machine guns, sweeping across the ceiling.

  This time, Howard refused to take his time to see infrared imaging on the computer screen. His hands acted and an empty bullet clip popped up. Before the bullet clip landed, a new clip has been clipped on. But just as he was pulling his bolt, he felt a cool itch on his neck and an arrow of blood shot out.

  From the ceiling to the floor, it is only four meters. Four meters, for the Ghost Killer, is really too short.

  At the moment the soldiers began firing, Zhou Jian has encountered the god of death. And this time, he did not want to hold back. Because at this moment, there is no right and wrong, only to kill or be killed.

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