Chapter 105 – Vent

Chapter 105: Vent

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  ”I’d found the vent. There is a camera. Can you help me handle it?”

  Zhou Jian took the data cable and piano wire out. Once the non-game items are out of the Inventory, the items will lose their Stealth protection. So, it’s impossible to avoid the camera facing the vent.

  ”Finally, you needed me. Otherwise, I will think you are God.”

  ”Do not talk nonsense.”

  ”I know, Chinese master. Though I admit that you are very powerful, you should at least learn to be polite.” Nicholas smiled bitterly and sat up. He took to a lollipop and put into his mouth. While he licked the sugar, he pounded on the keyboard. “Three minutes. No, I just need two minutes.”

  ”How long can the camera be turned off?”

  ”Hey, this is just a camera. Then, there’s no problem even with half an hour”

  ”Then. ten minutes is enough.”

  ”Ok! Nailed it. ” Nicholas had intercepted the camera’s data transfer and put in his own fake data into the monitoring system.

  Zhou Jian looked around and after determining that nothing was left out, he used Detect. Once he determined that no one would go to the roof in that short while, he took out the two wires from Inventory and then, recite the spell.

  And out came …… Lion King

  ”Zhi Zhizhi.” The little golden mouse jumped out. Because its level had risen to 28, Lion King was now the size of a newborn kitten.

  Zhou Jian taped the data cable and tied it to the piano wire. Then, he wound the piano wire into Lion King’s collar. He patted Lion King small head and in a low voice, said: “Go, let me see the results of your practice.”

  The little mouse squeaked a few times and then plunged headlong into the dark vent. The data cable on the ground was rapidly drawn into the vent.

  Zhou Jian had a contract with Lion King and was connected to it via spiritual power. He could send out commands through his spiritual sense towards Lion King and gave him directions. When he shut his eyes, he could perceive the information that Lion King sent back without obstruction ……

  Although there is no trace of light in the vent passage, Lion King was still able to see the path.

  Although the passage was extremely narrow, Lion King was still fleet of foot like a fly.

  Tens of meters long of winding passage. Lion King was able to reach the destination in less than a minute.

  Only the basement has vents. Furthermore, there’s only one pipe for each vent. So, Zhou Jian was not afraid that Lion King would go the wrong way. Even if it went the wrong way, there’s plenty of time to get it right.

  Was it long enough? Zhou Jian said to himself. He pulled Shadow Assassination and cut off the excess piano wire. He then took the piano wire and tied one end of it underneath the camera’s frame.

  The piano was very thin. And not to mention, there’s cover of darkness. Even during the day, it’s hard to identify a piano wire through the camera, not to mention that the entire military laboratory has hundreds of cameras.

  Next, Zhou Jian connected the data cable to the specially-made switchboard controller that Nicholas gave to him. He then put the controller along the piano wire into the vent.

  The underground central chamber’s wall will shield the wireless signal. So, there’s only this method to get the cable signal and convert it to a wireless signal to be transmitted to Nicholas.

  The switchboard controller quickly disappeared into the vent’s darkness.

  Nailed it.

  Zhou Jian put the rest of the items into his Inventory. He said to Nicholas: “The camera can be restored now.”

  Then, he put away the communicator. From now on, he does not need to contact Nicholas.

  In fact, even if he wanted to get in touch, he still can not contact. Once he’s in the basement, the metal alloy around him can block all radio contact.

  Zhou Jian’s symbol simply disappeared. Nicholas regrettably shook his head. He did not know what the hell Zhou Jian did to the vent. The vent is less than 15 cm in diameter. Unless he could turn into a mouse. Otherwise, no one could go in.

  The roof has a wireless antenna to receive the signal sent by the switchboard. So, the switchboard could probably be affirmed to be placed in the vent. In the end, this guy. What way did he use to make a hundred meters long data cable to wind through the vents?

  Nicholas is a genius. And a genius’ curiosity is very heavy. He subconsciously pulled his hair, trying to think of the possibilities.


  Zhou Jian came to the roof’s railing. Looking for a moment, he saw that no one was downstairs. So, he stood up and jumped down, falling more than twenty meters in height and yet, Zhou Jian landed as light as a feather.

  A soldier saw that no one was around and surreptitiously took out a cigarette to lit.  Zhou Jian passed by him without a sound.

  The lab door was wide open but the door on the second floor needed a card. Zhou Jian waited at the entrance for ten minutes. A middle-aged woman dressed in business attire carrying a bag came out. Zhou Jian took the opportunity to sneak inside.

  In front of Zhou Jian was a corridor that looked a little like it came from sci-fi. The walls appeared to be some kind of synthetic materials and light blue inside seemed as if the inside of a ship.Everything after the door seemed to be metal. Inside the main building of the laboratory, there are no soldiers, but there are cameras throughout the corridor. Occasionally, he would see one or two laboratory assistant in a white coat holding a variety of experimental material moving between different rooms. Each room has a strange instrument. Among these instruments, Zhou Jian only recognized the  thermometer.

  The basement was easy to find. It’s at the entrance of the stairs. Next, was just waiting.

  In the data Nicholas gave, only five have the permission to enter the basement. Three are used to working at night. One of them was named Sam. Every time after eating dinner, he would come to the central chamber to do data entry for experiments into the master computer. And his dinner time was fixed at 7.10pm.

  Many scientists have incomprehensible life patterns. Get up, work a bit, eat a bit, and then go to bed at the exact time. They are already used to it and can simply be called a precision machine. Like the philosopher and astronomer Kant. Every day on time, he would go out for a walk at exactly 3.30pm, that even his neighbors would adjust their own watch based on this.

  Perhaps, it’s because ordinary people do not have this paranoia and self-control that they were unable to achieve this or that result.

  The person that Zhou Jian waited for, was Sam.

  At 7:30 pm, Sam had finished his dinner and it’s time to head over the central chamber. Sam is a forty-year-old middle-aged man. He’s not tall but thin as a firewood. On his hand are lab report folders. Perhaps, because he used too much brain power, he was slightly bald.

  Zhou Jian stared as he walked a step closer. In his mind, he was recalling back to the alarm system configuration of the underground chamber.

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