Chapter 104 – Sneaked In

Chapter 104: Sneaked In

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  On the computer screen, a spot symbolizing Zhou Jian was getting closer to the military laboratory. At this rate, he will immediately enter the alert zone.

  ”Good Stealth. Not discovered at all.” Nicholas took a sip of coffee. His delicate mouth slightly cocked. “Go ten meters ahead. Once you are found, you will be arrested and if you flee or resist, you will be shot and killed.”


  ”Do not say I did not warn you ah.”


  ”Ah! Really allowed you to go.”


  ”You do not intend to go door? But the military laboratory’s wall is 5 meters high. There’s high voltage on top of the wall. Not only that, each wall are under the surveillance of at least two cameras. I would like to know what method you had used in the past. “

  While Nicholas sipped his coffee while chattering, but on the other side of the communicator, Zhou Jian didn’t reply.

  ”I really do not need shut down the two cameras?”

  Compared to the central chamber’s system, the wall is not worth mentioning, but insignificant does not mean it is not a hurdle. With a taller than a five-meter-high wall in addition to a 1 meter plus of high-voltage, a vertical jump of at least 6-7 meters high was needed to cross the wall. It sounds exaggerated, but if it is a master bounty hunter, with the power from jumping on the wall, climbing up is not too difficult.

  As for the two cameras, a computer expert such as Nicholas can handle it. But while it’s easy to handle one or two, but if any cameras encountered along the way was shut down whenever necessary, then it’s unlikely. The technical personnel inside the military laboratory are not incompetent. If they were hacked once or twice, they might be unable to discover it but if they were hacked repeatedly, it’s impossible for them not to perceive it.

  ”Can you be quiet for a moment? I will contact you when I need you.” Zhou Jian’s voice came through the Communicator. Nicholas smiled in interest. His curiosity was getting heavier and heavier.

  Zhou Jian was carrying 100 meters long data cable and the same length of piano wire. In addition to those, there’s also wireless emitter and also a specially made switchboard controller.

  These set weighed a few kilograms. And the volume of the piano wire and data cable is large, making them very very unwieldy.

  Nicholas was habitually sipping his coffee, waiting to see a good show. What could Zhou Jian do?

  With his skill, it’s enough to not alert the military when trying to hack into the national military reconnaissance satellite system to monitor for himself. But in fact, in order for the military laboratory to avoid this situation, it was specifically established in the Appalachian Mountains on the outskirts of Franklin City. And because the vegetation was blocking, it’s not realistic to want to have a camera looking into the place.

  While staring at the screen, Zhou Jian’s symbol went a little bit close to the wall,and then it went past ……

  Nicholas stared for a moment. Almost all coffee in his hand was spilled on his computer, too …… Past?

  Oh …… Is it that simple? God, he can pass through the wall?

  Zhou Jian’s symbol actually directly went through the wall. There wasn’t even a shred of pause in the middle.

  This …… how did he do it?

  ”My dear, how?” Kelly saw her little husband’s face changed little and prettily asked.

  ”Nothing.” Nicholas waved off. He began to believe that mysterious youth from the East will bring a miracle. “Maybe, the internet / killer’s name will be recorded in the history of Bounty Hunters Association. Oh, plus Ming Jian’s name at the front……”


  Zhou Jian had now entered the inner court of the military laboratory. The 5-meter-high wall was nothing to him. His Ghost Killer avatar could just jump over. As for the cameras on top, Zhou Jian was in Stealth. So, those were just decorations.

  Of course, Zhou Jian’s mini headphones wasn’t under Stealth. But in the night, this thing was just like a small flying insect. As for that unwieldy piano wire and data cable, both were put into Inventory. The Ghost Killer’s Inventory space was about two cubic meters large. It can store in any inanimate object but once Zhou Jian went offline, the Ghost Killer would disappear and then the non-game items would automatically fall out.

  In addition to these things, Zhou Jian also brought a 44 caliber Desert Eagle M4 submachine gun. In the United States, it’s very easy to get firearms. Although his gun technique was not very good, but it’s not bad to have a gun at hand.

  In addition, Zhou Jian also brought a large-capacity USB. He was wondering if he happened to find US military laboratory’s research on the Blood Crystal, then there’s always a reference value in copying them.

  Zhou Jian looked around. In his imagination, a military laboratory was similar to a concentration camp. High compound walls, gray building, fanatical scientists dressed in white lab coat and heavily armed soldiers.

  But, he found in here that the military laboratory was not so exaggerated as imagined. Aside from the martial law over the periphery of the military lab, inside was similar to a human enterprise. Lush green forests, rows of bright sports cars, and there’s even a small basketball court in the back of the main building. The main building was five floors high. Scattered lights shot out through the windows. You could faintly see some scientists in lab coats bustling around …… ah, some scientists had nocturnal habits. It was said that the dark night would give them inspirations.

  Everything seemed very harmonious. Of course, if there weren’t special forces sentries armed with M4 there.

  Zhou Jian folded his earphones (tl: I actually don’t know if it’s earphones or anything, cause it’s just hearing device in Chinese. So, I don’t know why folded. Headphones, maybe?) and walked openly to the laboratory main door. The two soldiers on patrol brushed past him. And then he put on the earphones back.

  Once the soldiers on patrol went away, Zhou Jian asked in a low voice: “Where’s the vent?”

  ”The roof above you has one. Climb up then turn left three meters and you will be able to see, but …… Are you sure you can climb to the fifth floor barehanded? The outer walls of the main building were tiled with ceramics. There is no place to grasp, and I would also like to remind you that there is a minimum of three cameras around the surrounding …… “

  Nicholas would not finish when he shut up because he found Zhou Jian had climbed up to the third floor.

  ”Oh my God! Is he a gecko?”

  Kelly smiled as Nicholas rubbed his shoulders. She probably knew that her little husband was exclaiming in surprise.

  ”Everybody said that the Orient was very mysterious. The Chinese martial arts, as well as Japan Ninjutsu. I had experienced it today. It’s said that the Japanese ninja can throw a smoke bomb under the watchful eyes and disappear. Did the Chinese have the same thing? Otherwise, how could he fool the camera?”

  After Nicholas finished some words, Zhou Jian had climbed to the roof, and there was a vent in the position described in Nicholas. It’s only the size of a fist. The inside of the vent was dark, but even this small vent, there’s also a camera dedicated it.

  ”I’d found the vent. There is a camera. Can you help me handle it?”

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