Chapter 098 – Evil white-bearded old man

Chapter 098: Evil white-bearded old man

  Clicking to open a browser, and entered the Caibuzhishu, Wen Ren Hui Yin saw the first page: “Caibuzhishu” is divided into: “Picking yang to replenish yin” and “Picking yang to replenish yin” (tl: raw is duplicate, second should be yin to yang), appearing in the Xian Xia and martial arts. Specifically interpreted for men and women to gain the essence of the other body to enhance their own skill purposes through the sexual way.

  Wen Ren Hui Yin bit her lips and her expression couldn’t be seen.Wen Ren Ze found that it’s basically a mistake to joke around with her, especially provoking her again once she’s worried about Zhou Jian.

  ”Alright, I apologize. In fact, I would say that things are not as bad as you think. Maybe the evolved human owed Zhou Jian a favor, or perhaps a favor to his ancestor. You know there’s much value in the favor owed from an evolved human. I said so many things just to want to tell you that, Zhou Jian to you …… ah …… transcended common friend …… “

  The more Wen Ren Ze said, the more he felt his words were helpless. Then, Wen Ren Hui Yin closed the computer, and quietly went out of the room, leaving Wen Ren Ze alone. A few seconds later, his bitterly laughed. A woman’s heart is as deep as a needle under the sea. He thought that after today when he pricked open that paper window, Wen Ren Hui Yin would have a shy expression and then tried to hide it by saying: “I’m just an ordinary friend with him.” But the psychological suggestion was real. Then, it’s a matter when the conditions are ripe and then …… the rice would have been cooked. (tl: what’s done cannot be undone)

  But Wen Ren Ze did not think it would be such a final result, which made him felt sad.


  After completing the transfer, Zhou Jian once again landed in “Gods and Demons” and brought a few announcements to buy Root Bone Dan that pets used.

  This Root Bone Dan came from the spirit nucleus from the exterminated monsters. The higher the level would demand a higher price. Currently, the most highest level spirit nucleus is at level 8. There are only a few in the world and they are clutched under the hands of the rich. Basically, no one’s willing to use them on ordinary pets.

  The Root Bone Dan could be used to enhance the pet’s root bone, When the pet was born, the root bone is 0. To promote the root bone from 0 to level 1 required 1 Root Bone Dan. To get it up to level 2 would require 2 Root Bone Dan and so forth.The appropriate level of Root Bone Dan could improve the pet’s root bone to the appropriate level. The higher the root bone of the baby, the faster, stronger and higher health it would be. (tl: Root bone is literal translation from the raw. It meant more towards constitution and referred to the body’s latent potential.You have good root bone meant you have good latent potential.)

  Even among the Root Bone Dans of the same level, there’s a difference in quality. A high-quality level 1 Root Bone Dan could be more expensive than an average level 2 Root Bone Dan.

  After Zhou Jian’s announcement, he soon received a number of attribute charts of Root Bone Dan. Although the lightning mouse was an unpopular pet, but to have the best outcome, there naturally was a need for the best quality Root Bone Dan.Anyway, Zhou Jian is now nouveau riche. It didn’t matter if it’s practical or not, obtained it first and then decide later.

  Zhou Jian ultimately chose the best level 1 Root Bone Dan made from Knight’s Eyes and the best level 2 Root Bone Dan that came from Bloody Skeleton. It’s harder to obtain good quality level 3 Root Bone Dan and above. After Zhou Jian made several announcements, he only saw some ordinary level 3 Root Bone Dan. So, this was temporarily shelved aside.

  He rushed over to the beast NPC, Zhou Jian was ready to use the Root Bone Dan to promote his Lightning Mouse’s root bone.

  The NPC in charge of beast was a white-bearded old man …… Heavens, why a white-bearded old man. Zhou Jian felt a chill when seeing the other party with a “kind” smile that’s harmless to humans and animals He didn’t know what did the “Gods and Demons” artists had to eat that they designed such a persona.

  ”Ah, such a cute lightning mouse, Traveler. Are you ready to upgrade this little mouse root bone?” The old man was talking like a bard.

  ”Yes ah …… wait……” Zhou Jian’s eyes widened. “What did you called me?…… Tra…Traveler? “

  ”Uh …… Is it wrong? I used to call you all as great risk-takers or young warrior or something. But I found that all my NPC co-workers in the city also called the same. I felt that this wasn’t personal enough. So after getting in contact with your culture, I gave up that two unsophisticated addressing. Later, I found the word Traveler as quite sassy. It’s better than risk-takers or warrior, right. Did I get it wrong?”

  Zhou Jian looked with a surprised expression. If this dialogue was designed, Zhou Jian would feel that the programmers were trying to spoof, but this possibility wasn’t big. Every day, the NPC must talk with hundred and thousands of people. It’s not possible for the programmer to design every dialogue that’s so funny. It’s likely that this passage was casually spoke by the old man himself.

  This is simply a real person!

  ”Old man, you said just now about contacting our culture. So, do you NPCs also have your own culture?”

  After the white-bearded old man heard this, he’s a little uncomfortable, “What is do we NPCs also have our own culture. Of course, we certainly have our own culture our culture and it was the result of generations of splendid accumulated cultural heritage. Also, young people should have a little courtesy. Don’t call me old man, called me uncle.”

  ”F**k.”Goosebumps appeared all over Zhou Jian. This can still be called an uncle. My goodness!

  The white-bearded old man was about to say something when he suddenly discovered Zhou Jian’s lightning mouse and his eyes lit up. “This is a really good pet. Its attributes are perfect, and also of the speed type. It’s really rare ah.”

  Zhou Jian was silent. “Speed type ​​is rare? But attacker and tanker are the best types.”

  The old man had an “whether you know it or you don’t know it” expression. He contentedly said: “You Travelers just do not understand that the speed type is good. Especially rats, they’re definitely the best of the best.”

  Zhou Jian’s heart moved. His ears immediately pricked up. This pet has unknown advantaged? It couldn’t be ah, There’re so many players in “Gods and Demons” and they can’t be fools. If it’s advantageous, how come it wasn’t discovered.Moreover, the old man looked like a big mouth. What he said earlier should have been made well known. So many players before this did not take a speed type pet here?

  The old man shook his head and said: “Do you know what’s the best characteristic of the mouse pet?” This guy deliberately prolonged his tone until after Zhou Jian’s appetite was tempted. Only then did he touched his beard and assumed the appearance of a teacher. He slowly said: “Yes, ah wit, A smart speed type pet is the rarest. “

  Once he reached here, the old man did not speak. Zhou Jian was anxious, “Well, uh …… …… …… Keke Uncle ah, can you tell me what’s the use of wit?” When Zhou Jian finished this sentence, his stomach churned and his forehead was sweating. This guy is an old glass and simply more fearful than the Nuwa City Appraisal Association the gold tooth old fart. He swore. From now on, each time he saw this white-bearded old man in “Gods and Demons”, he would run as far away as possible.

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