Chapter 093 – I have a small request

Chapter 93: I have a small request

Zhou Jian was also shocked. His English might be good, but he’s unlikely to get such a high score in the test.

Don’t take this thing to play. 96.5 points? Are you treating this like a primary school math problem?

Teacher Bai said: “I’ll round it up for you. 95 points. If you can get 95 points, I won’t care about your usual performance, how many points you had with your attendance. Your total points will be how many points you scored. But if you don’t get 95 points, you won’t get a pass. So, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance. Please sit down.” 

Zhou Jian was criticizing in his heart. The most poisonous thing of all was a woman’s heart. Ah, also said, “don’t say I didn’t give you a chance,”. This was still called a chance? It’s way too ruthless. But since you pushed me here, then don’t blame me for it. 

“Wait a minute, teacher. I have a small request.” 

“What request?”

“If after the result comes out and I didn’t get 95 points, I want to have a look at my examination paper.” 

In the university, after the final exam papers had been marked, it wouldn’t be distributed back to the students. This was to avoid the students saying that their papers were marked incorrectly to change the results.

Zhou Jian believed that if he resorted to all means, there’s no problem in getting 95 points. He just feared that Teacher Bai might make it hard for him and deducted his points.

Teacher Bai stared at Zhou Jian with large eyes. This young fellow incredibly didn’t trust her.  “Ok, I’ll show you.” She didn’t believe it. Even an American student couldn’t get 95 points.

This wasn’t an exaggeration. The English exam in China’s universities all had Chinese characteristics. Just because you understood it didn’t mean you would score well. It’s just like every Chinese student would be able to pass their Chinese but there wasn’t a case of someone who scored a perfect score in their college entrance language proficiency test scores. Once, someone tested a foreigner in postgrad school who was put to a reading comprehension test. After the foreigner studied for two minutes, he was saying “so easy” and went on to do the exercise. After finishing, it was discovered that half of the answers were mistakes. The foreigner was staring with his tongue tied and in the end, said to the person who set the topic: “You’d better go to the hell to see a doctor right now” (tl: raw is in English)

“Well….There’s also a request. If my writing had no grammar errors and vocab mistakes, you can’t deduct too much of my scores.” Zhou Jian thought and added.

Teacher Bai had gotten angry and she felt that this student was playing a fool of herself. “Fine. if your composition isn’t retarded and there are no mistakes, I’ll give you a perfect score!”

All the students looking at these two people quarreling in English were a little confused. This Zhou Jian, did he really plan to get 95 points in the exam?


That night, Mule made a rare appearance in the dorm, leaving his wife outside. He couldn’t help it. If he lived there, his mind would always be on his wife and he wouldn’t have the heart to do his review.

That guy was holding a “History of ancient Chinese literary” back to the dorm. When he passed by, he saw through the door that Zhou Jian had his game helmet on. He couldn’t help but be stunned by it. “F**k! Even that Xiao Yin who’s crazy about Korean dramas had gone to study. You’re still playing the game?”

Zhou Jian, who’s in the game impatiently replied. “Don’t bother me. I’m busy leveling.” 

After wearing the helmet, although his consciousness had entered the virtual world, his body was still able to hear, touch, smell etc, all those basic kind of feelings. It was said that when the earliest helmets were first produced, after entering the game, all the outside sensations were cut off. There was a girl who took the helmet and played in the internet cafe. After going back home, she found that her underwear was sticky and later found out that she was pregnant.

Because she couldn’t find out who’s the child’s father, the girl took the game helmet manufacturer to court. Finally, the manufacturer had to improve the functions of the consciousness shift in the helmet. As long as certain conditions were fulfilled, one could even get up and poured a glass of water.

“I’d listen from my wife that the teacher of your A class wanted to fail you. My goodness. 95 points. I don’t know if she tries out the test herself. But you’re so pro, actually making fun of the teacher in public.” 

The girls’ speed to spread out the news wasn’t that fast. Liang Yan Min had already spread out what happened in the morning to the girl’s dorm. Mule’s wife naturally learned about it and told Mule.

“Who asked her to first heckle me. My goodness, 95 points. Although this elder brother’s strength was barely able to but it wasn’t like that surnamed Bai didn’t know, she just wanted to fool around with me. Ok, ok. I’m about to get to level 26. Don’t bother me.” Zhou Jian didn’t train his level this week. Currently, it was said that over at the European and American sides, there were already those at level 40.

“Blow, you better go and blow harder. But 95 points ah. If you can get that, I…I…” (tl: bluff/ speaking nonsense)

“You what? Don’t be too vicious in your pledge. If I’m able to get 95 points, you’ll help me wash clothes for a semester. Furthermore, you’ll help me do my homework for a semester, how about it?”

“F**k! This still wasn’t called vicious? My clothes are given to my wife to be washed. And my work was also copied.” 

“A sheep can be seen. Two sheep can also be seen. Since a copy is a copy. Two copies are also a copy. How about it? If I cannot get it, I’ll help you do a semester of homework.” 

“You…. Haha. Oh, the weather today is good. The sun is shining.” Luo Hai Shan ran up to the balcony and put on an act. “It can’t be. That pair behind the hill seemed to be fighting. And in broad daylight too, just too brave.” 

“You just blow. At the back of the hill, aside from a few wild cats, there’s no one there.” 

“Ok, considered that you win. A moment ago, I didn’t say that it’s human. F**k, why are those two cats. Didn’t they say that the wild cats would only go at it at night?”

“Don’t change the subject. What’re you willing to wager?” 

“De. I’d already said that. The hard is afraid of the unreasonable. The unreasonable is afraid of those who don’t fear death. I’m afraid of you.” (tl: Rhymes better in Chinese) Luo Hai Shan packed up his books, he’s refusing to curl up the corner of his lips. But once he remembered an amusing matter, he was overjoyed and smiled.

“Why are you smiling so foolishly?”

“That’s right. When my wife came back, she boasted about you. She said that during the English class, someone said that you looked like a celebrity.” 

“Celebrity? Which one?” Although Zhou Jian didn’t care much about his appearance, but no one would dislike about other’s compliment.

“Ahem….” Luo Hai Shan intentionally coughed twice and then using an elongated tone and said: “Xiao Shen Yang.”

“Er…” Zhou Jian’s expression was suddenly quite good. Since the local art scene was devastated due to the catastrophe, many people remembered the stars from back then. Therefore, he also knew about the appearance of Xiao Shen Yang. (tl: BS, you expect me to remember an artist from >100 years ago. The best I could was probably Audrey Hepburn now and that’s not 100 years.)

He wasn’t handsome, but not too ugly. In the words of Chu Qing Yun, although his appearance wasn’t handsome, but there’s an upright sense, giving off a reliable feeling. This didn’t seem related to Xiao Shen Yang. But of course, Xiao Shen Yang wasn’t ugly. It’s just that his style was to intentionally make those funny performances, and this caused a big difference in people’s perception….perhaps those female students like it that way?

This group of female students could really make people speechless. When others said that someone looked like a celebrity, they would refer to young idols, but they…..Saying like this could really harm others. He didn’t know if they really like, or pretend to like. Even though it didn’t do any damage, but it would make one felt uncomfortable. He felt that this Luo Hai Shan gave him a sweet date, but only after eating did he found a fly there.

“I didn’t lie to you. It’s really the girls in your class that said it. Two words – brilliant!” Luo Hai Shan was still enjoying the music. Such an amusing matter, if he didn’t take this out to hit him, then it’s really a waste.

Zhou Jian curled his lips. “I also suddenly discovered that you looked like a celebrity , or could be a relative. Perhaps you both have some family ties.” 


“Luo Da You.” 


“I think that you’re now a dead pig who’s not afraid to be scalded by boiling water. You’ll fail if you study, and you’ll fail as well even if you didn’t study. I wanted to go out now to study by myself.” 

“Ok, if you admit defeat then it’s good. Remember to bring back some snacks at night.” 

“Ok, make it 2 pounds of arsenic to feed to you.” 

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