Chapter 109 – Trapped

Chapter 109: Trapped

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Now that the alarm has ringed, Zhou Jian didn’t bother to give any more thought on whether the floor could be stepped or not. He grabbed the wire and swing, magically falling right in front of the opened safe.

The safe door seemed to constantly try to close, but each time it closed halfway, it seemed to encounter an external force forcing it to open again. Although the safe door is only a foot square, but it has an amazing thickness of 20 cm, and is completely made of alloy,

In the safe, a blood-red hexagonal prism crystal was fixed in an upright posture. Zhou Jian took just a glance at it and suddenly, he felt a kind of fainting sensation as if the soul was pulled inside.

Blood Crystal!

Zhou Jian grabbed it and started feeling scalding hot as if he was grasping on fire. Without researching into it, Zhou Jian stuffed it into his Inventory. At this time, he also found that behind the crystal is a small disk. At this time. Zhou Jian did not bother to think about it and also put everything including the disk into his Inventory. Then, he heard voices from outside the door.

Zhou Jian, in one breath, raised his body up like a giant bird. He grabbed the piano wire and wield Shadow Assassination in his hand to cut through the piano wire and cable that are outside the vent. His hand flicked and the cable was abruptly pulled out. Then, these two things were inserted into the Inventory. At the same time, Zhou Jian attached himself to the metal wall. His right hand was tightly clasped onto the edge of the metal vent. He turned on Stealth ……

With a disordered sound of boots striking against metal, heavily armed soldiers stormed the underground center chamber. The alarm was still sounding. Old Sam was still lying on the ground, his life and death is unknown. Except, there isn’t even a shadow of a ghost. Only the safe door swaying. Kacha, kaccha, The mechanical grinding sounded like it was laughing at everyone’s incompetence.

When Howard, the military laboratory Security Director saw this scene, his head was only buzzing about espionage …… in this century. And it’s even the biggest espionage case in the United States after the catastrophe occurred. The underground central chamber was robbed. He almost did not have the courage to check if anything was lost. If these things were stolen by China, North Korea or India, then the United States would suffer incalculable losses.

“F**K!” Howard was like a possessed demon. Such a big security incident. It’s already a certainty that he would be dismissed, and may even be court martial. Unless he can ferret out the spy and recover the lost things.

The sullen Howard came in front of the fainted Old Sam. He rudely turned over his body since he is now in a bad mood.

He first checked for Sam’s breathe. He’s still alive. He then pulled at Sam sideburns, carefully looking for something. He suspected that the suspected killer dressed like Sam and played dead by lying on the ground to fool everyone.

But after carefully looking for a minute, Howard did not find anything similar to a mask. This old fool is actually the real person. Howard wished that he could trample on this old Sam with his two feet. Why the f**k is he the real Sam? How is this father going to report now?

“F**K!” Howard cursed again. He has to figure out what other way the spy could leave. It doesn’t seem right …… In this case, it’s impossible to leave. Come to think about it, where would the spy hide then?

“Close the door. Close the door. And completely lock down the entire military laboratory! Tonight, no one is allowed to leave!”

When Zhou Jian, who was under Stealth, watched as the door started closing. His heart was complaining incessantly. The height of the third door of the central chamber is only slightly more than two meters. And at the door stood the United States soldier that about 1.9 meters tall. They are strong like a bear, solidly blocking the door, leaving only a space of thirty centimeters above the American soldiers’ head. If Zhou Jian was standing on the ground, he has faith in his Ghost Killer’s agility to drill past through the narrow gaps at that very moment. But now, he was hanging on the wall. There is nothing he can do from this angle. He can only helplessly watched as the front door closed.

Howard stepped with his military boots and looked forward to every soldier. “Now, I want all of you to take down your earphones!”

Sixteen American soldiers altogether took off their earphones. Their movements are clean.

Howard then went to the trouble of checking each soldier if he was under disguise. Because the alarm went off, they came in a hurry. Howard did not pay attention to the few soldiers. Although the possibility of the soldiers being disguised was unlikely, but he still had to guard against it. It was even possible that the spy had always been a military laboratory soldier. Just that had been hiding all this while and appeared now.

So, Howard also searched the body while checking the soldiers for disguise. There needed to have items to steal confidential information in the main computer. However, after careful examination for ten minutes, Howard was disappointed.

None of the soldiers had taken computer data or decoder.

He then shifted his attention to the authorized person who brought them in – a more than 50-year-old middle-aged Brown. She is a director of the military laboratory, one of the people with the highest authority in the underground central chamber.

“Search me, I do not mind,” Brown said and held up her hands. She was also to blame for the central chamber theft.

“There’s no need. You didn’t leave my line of sight from the beginning. And if you’re a spy, you don’t even need to take this approach. I just want to ask you to open the safes on the wall one by one.” Against with this middle-aged person, Howard did not dare to be rash.

Brown frowned. “You are suspecting that he was hiding in the safe?”


“But each safe deposit box is a foot square. With just one meter depth, an adult simply cannot hide inside.”

Howard said: “The average adult male shoulder length is 42.5 cm and female 39 cm. A petite female may be 35 cm or less. Just like you said, the safe width and height is 30 cm and a depth of one meter. So, that’s about 42 cm in diagonal. If a petite female was the spy and was trained, she can hide her body by curling up in a safe. Furthermore, I also know that some of the Eastern Chinese kung fu …… ah …… seemed to be able to compress the bones? (tl: HSDS reference). There is also Indian yoga that can alter the body’s bones. “

When Brown listened to what Howard said, her face was somewhat unnatural. She couldn’t imagine how it feels like for a big living being curled up into a square foot box with a depth of one meter. And inside, it’s airtight. After a long time, the person inside will be suffocated. The key here was that safe door was unable to be opened from the inside. If he went in, how would he be able to get out? And if he died inside, it wouldn’t be much better than death by a thousand cuts.

She said: “Some of the boxes can be opened. But some involved state secrets and absolutely can not be opened.” (tl: Yeah, give Zhou Jian more chance to steal more things.)

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