Chapter 106 – Accidental Discovery

Chapter 106: Accidental Discovery

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  As long as Sam’s card was swiped, the laser and infrared at the door would automatically shut down and could be ignored.

  For the pressure alarm systems, if Sam did not enter within three minutes after his card was swiped, the alarm would be automatically triggered. If the weight was not correct, the alarm would be triggered as well. Meaning that Zhou Jian couldn’t touch the ground.

  The indoor safe is connected to the main computer. They must decipher the password of the main computer if they wanted to open it. The metal wall shielded against any wireless signal. So, to connect it to the decoder, a hundred meters long cable was needed. After that, it’s all depended on Nicholas.

  Sam would leave on time exactly at 8.00pm. So, he only had half an hour.

  A 12 digit password was required to leave the central chamber but leaving was not a problem for him.

  After Zhou Jian confirmed that the entire operation did not have any loopholes, he silently followed Sam.

  Sam clamped the experiment reports under his arm and inputted the six digit password. Then, he swiped his the card. The metal door opened accompanied by a beep sound, revealing stairs that headed below.

  Sam held the handrails as he walked down the stairs. Zhou Jian watched him from behind his back, wondering if a gust of wind would be able to blow him away.

  At the second door, Sam swiped his card again. He aligned his index finger a littler against the fingerprint detector and then took off his glasses so that the infrared retinal scanner could scan his eyes.

  With a loud “beep” sound, the second metal door opened.

  Sam arrived at the third door and entered a 12-digit password. He then said “open the door” for the voice verification system.

  Finally, the door was opened.

  Sam approached the central chamber. The moment the third door closed, a faint shadow passed over from behind him and flew up to the ceiling and firmly caught onto the piano wire along with the vent’s metal mesh.

  Thus, Zhou Jian would not trigger the pressure alarm on the floor.

  Of course, Sam could not take note of this.

   The underground central chamber is not large. It’s only more than 100 square meters. It has a hexagon layout, surrounded by luminous icy cold alloy walls that looked like a spacecraft cabin from the sci-fi movies.

  On the wall behind the main computer are many one square foot compartments, closely spaced together like the supermarket lockers.

  Zhou Jian can’t help but want to look into these compartments. The Blood Crystal he was looking for is likely to be in one of them.

  Sam walked leisurely to the front of the wall. He stopped in front of a compartment. He inputted the password and scanned his fingerprint. The door opened and a black laptop was inside.

  Sam took the laptop out and placed it on a metal table in front of the main computer. He pulled out the chair to sit down. This chair can not be simply placed around. The pressure sensor beneath the chair would automatically subtract the weight of the chair but it wouldn’t work elsewhere.

  Sam opened the two computers at the same time and then followed by entering the password to turn them on.

  After that, he routinely logged into his document management system. At this moment, Zhou Jian was like Spiderman. With his head down, feet on top, he slid down the piano wire.

  He then gently pressed a finger on the back of Sam’s head. Sam snorted and then directly fall to the ground. He has fainted.

  When Zhou Jian saw Sam’s appearance, he was a bit speechless. This guy is just like soft clay, so easy to go down. He checked his breath. Fortunately, Sam didn’t die.

  At this moment, he couldn’t care too much. Zhou Jian pulled down the data cable for the vent’s metal mesh and connected it to the host. All this time, he was wearing gloves from the game to avoid leaving fingerprints. Prior to this, he used the soap to get an imprint of his fingerprints for comparison. The Ghost Killer’s fingerprints are exactly the same as his real body.


  Di Di – In an RV by the Franklin City University Campus lake, a red warning light flashed up, Nicholas suddenly popped open his eyes and stared at the computer screen. The signal went through ……

  Is this guy really a human?

  In the end, how was he able to do it. The Japanese were said to be able to use jutsu to drill underground, but the ground floor of the central chamber was cast from alloy. Even a pangolin couldn’t make a mark on it. In the end, what did this Chinese do?

  Although this guy didn’t admit but he didn’t look more than 25 years old. Just 25 years old and already has such strength. Are the Chinese ancient Wu aristocratic families really so terrible?

  Although Nicholas was still surprised, his fingers quickly went on the keyboard and started typing. At his end was a set of equipment – the world’s most advanced digital decoders and a smart brain. Even so, it wasn’t an easy task to want to break the central chamber main computer’s layers of protection. After all, this computer has the world’s most advanced security system.

  But then,  advanced security is nothing but a dead thing if there’s no action. As long as he could break it little by little. Sooner or later, he would be able to crack it.

  String and a string of codes transmitted out by Nicholas. First, he must find the compartment that contained the Blood Crystal.

  Zhou Jian was still hanging on the piano wire. If it is another ordinary person who’s clutching a piano wire to hang around, his own hand would be cut off. But, this was very easy for Zhou Jian.

  He looked at his watch. There are twenty-five minutes left.

  He casually glanced down since he had nothing to do now. He glanced at Sam’s laptop on the metal table. There’s only a yellow folder on shining fluorescent light blue screen.

  Zhou Jian let loose a little and his body slid down a little more to look at the name of the folder. In fact, he was just acting in pure curiosity. But a glance wouldn’t matter. After taking a look, he nearly fell from the wire. The file name is actually –

  ”Franklin new aircraft carrier design drawing.”

  Aircraft carrier ……?

  Zhou Jian’s mouth grew wide. Just now, Sam took out a laptop from the safe. He opened and entered the password to turn it on. It was clear that this laptop was purposely for him. Zhou Jian turned his attention at the experiment report – It turned out that the report was not an experiment report, but a variety of design drawings. From the shapes, they should be some components. Could it be aircraft carrier components?

  Aircraft carrier ah …… Zhou Jian was very clear what those two words meant for China. (tl: doing what China do best, stealing IP)

  Zhou Jian took a deep breath and tied the piano wire around his waist. His body slide down and he touched the mouse. He opened the aircraft carrier design folder. There are more than ten CAD designs and also several catia2 three-dimensional designs. Zhou Jian opened one of the catia designs. A complete 3D simulation of the aircraft carrier immediately showed up on the computer screen. A fully three-dimensional visual effects. An internal structure that dazzled people, as well as dense notes in English.

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