Chapter 099 – So-called advantage

Chapter 099: So-called advantage

The old man nodded with satisfaction and touched his beard before continuing: “There’s a lot of use. I used to have such a pet, called Bei Bei. Try and guess what skill did it had? You’ll never be able to guess it correctly. Those that could fight, all those, I’d never keep them in my sight, My pet …… hey, speaking about this skill ah, have to give a little background, you listen to me carefully  …… “

  F**k. Zhou Jian’s neck felt sore. This old man had better not be playing him for a fool.

  ”In the past, ah, I used to head to the Old Wang’s shop to drink. Speaking of that Old Wang, he’s not a good thing. I’d been to his place to drink for so many times, not only did he never treat me with those vintage old wines, but he also …… you do not know, when I just moved into the city to work, I went to his place to drink …… then I was deceived by him! After I was cheated, I was wondering how would I get it back, so that I …… Old Wang’s wife at home, she’s also not a good thing. I said that the bottle of Rong Di wine had been added with water yet she refused to acknowledge it. Speaking of Rong Di wine, you must had never drink it before. I’ll introduce to you ah …… Because of this matter, I fought with that Old Wang’s wife and you do not say, this tigress also can really hit …… Oh, those smashed wine jars ah. Each time I think about them, my heart will bleed …… Although the villagers tried to mediate, but I cannot swallow this …… ” (tl: I hate the old man as well. So much nonsense.)

  ”Keke, uncle, can we get to the main point?”

  ”Alright, young people is really impatient. I’d already made the long story short. If I don’t talk a bit more, how can I describe the climax? This climax, well, since I have naturally had this pet. My pet’s a God of Thief! Haha, thinking of it, every day I sent it out to the Old Wang’s shop next street to steal wine. It’d never missed before. With my pet, my waist’s no longer sore, my legs’ are not hurting. Even going upstairs is strong. These old wines. Ha ha …… “

  Zhou Jian’s expression at this time was like he has eaten a fly. It’s even the large fly with the red head and green body. If this wasn’t an NPC and was protected by the system, he would have punched him earlier.

  Wasn’t this because he’s trying to pick up something for cheap and actually looked forward to listening to the old man’s life in vain. He’d already known that there’s no unknown advantage. There’re tens of thousands of players in “Gods and Demons”. What hidden advantage had already been uncovered by then.

  Players spent tens of thousands of dollars to raise a pet, and you used it to steal wine?

  Steal wine, steal liquor, steal your sister ah!

  Uh …… etc., to steal?

  Wasn’t himself a thief? If the pet in the game could be brought into the real world, then …… Equipment, fashion, anything could be brought into the real world. So, it stood to reason that the pet could be too!

  But Zhou Jian had tried before to experiment with taking equipment from “Gods and Demons” Besides the Ghost Killer, other people including his own original body couldn’t use them. Just like in “Gods and Demons” there’s equipment that’s specific to the profession. For example, a Mage’s unable to use a Thief’s equipment. And since if the job didn’t exist on Earth, naturally was unable to use the Ghost Killer equipment.

  Then, would the pet has this problem in reality?

  Just this month, Zhou Jian had stolen credit card, stole diamonds, stole secret, and had never missed before. If he had a controllable pet, his skills to steal would be even more powerful. Zhou Jian was excited at this time that the NPC old man’s chattering voice did not affect his attention.

  This time, the old man was getting more and more vigorous. His head was turning red, spit flying like stars. Seeing that he might speak till midnight, Zhou Jian interrupted him, “Well, uh …… uncle ah, I heard that you can train your pet? Can you train it to be a thief? “

  In “Gods and Demons”, the pet depended on experience to upgrade. Following the master to rub off some experience to upgrade, But the pet only have the experience wasn’t enough. It must learn to fight by fighting and using fighting skills. The fighting skills also depended on the pet’s character. The fierce one would rush out to fight, the shrewd one took advantage of the skills, the loyal one prioritized protecting the master and so forth.

  Some players do not bother to train themselves and took them to the NPC for training.

  Immediately, the old man was keen on the idea, “Hey, you’re in luck. What, we first calculate the cost of training it ……”

  F**k. Three black lines appeared on Zhou Jian’s forehead -.-“‘. Once he mentioned about money, he went straight to the point, “Gods and Demons” Old Men NPC are not a good thing.

  ”Well, this high-quality pet obviously needs a lot of good care ……” The old man took an abacus that began calculating with great speed. The abacus beads started rolling all over fast. “I’d calculate, to grow to 2228, and have perfect perception …… you know, such a cool skill like stealing, and that I am the only person in this region that can train. There’s only one branch store. So, the appropriate charges should go up a little. After all, intellectual property! Well …… plus pet food rations, so the best pet food. You know, the best pet needed the best food to grow …… Ah, pet’s accommodation. My house’s decoration is very luxurious. It’s tiled and carpeted, as well as a separate toilet. It’s naturally decorated with green materials. You know what’s green materials. I’ll introduce to you on the advantages of green materials. This first point that I’m talking about …… That day, I went to the market to buy green materials for repair ah. I meet with a shopkeeper that’s vicious …… then I got into a fight over the materials ah …… results …… “

  Zhou Jian face turned green. He finally knew why the old man could get into a fight with the NPC Old Wang, Old Wang’s wife, and also the green material seller. Whoever may be able to sit for half an hour at this place is a Buddha.

  ”Old man, have you finished counting? Please give a quick one!”

  ”Considered done. Every month 50000 gold.”

  ”Deal!” Zhou Jian impatiently obliged. He didn’t dare to talk any more with him. If he dared to bargain, then the old man might be able to pull some more gold from don’t know where.

  The old man showed an expression that the boy was worthy of teaching. “Well, you can send the pet to come anytime. I would first let you upgrade the root bone …… Wow, this is the best Root Bone Dan ah. This is the Eye from the Cyclops Knight, right?”

  ”Stop!” Zhou Jian hastily ordered the old man to stop. (tl: as in talking) “Quickly upgrade, I still have things to do.”

  ”Good, good, young man is impatient ah.” The old man finished upgrading and Zhou Jian fled away from the city in one breathe. It’s like Zhou Jian had just experienced a war. What’s the matter with “Gods and Demons”. In the end, what’s the matter, was the programmer’s head burned, setting this kind of brain damage NPC character. The Nuwa City Appraisal Association gold teeth old man was much more lovable like an angel in comparison.

  But …… was this character really set like this? Zhou Jian didn’t bother to think about it. It’s imperative for him now to experiment if the lightning mouse could be summoned out in the end and what’s its combat force.

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