Chapter 094 – Lightning Mouse

Chapter 94: Lightning Mouse

In order to prevent from encountering his enemies, Zhou Jian specifically chose to train far away from the city. His equipment was now all luxurious. In addition to his hidden profession, he would be able to easily handle the common players in the level 30 range. If he encountered those in the level 30 range with luxury equipment, he could still hit and run.

The best quality equipment and his own low level. Zhou Jian was able to get a lot of experience with each kill by himself. Certainly, if there’s a pet, it’d certainly be faster. Just like Zhou Jian had previously done, he paid for another announcement to purchase the pet. “Purchasing best quality pet. As long as best quality, will pay a good price up till M.” 

Zhou Jian was now also a rich person. So, he naturally wanted to use a pet as well.

One by one attribute charts began appearing in his message inbox. Probably those second generation tigers, the third generation ice silkworms and so forth. Although the growth values were high and the perceptions were very high, Zhou Jian was still unsatisfied. 

These pets belonged to those normal pets. Under the condition of the same growth value and perception, they were very much lacking compared to those Saint beast pets.

Up until now, there’re no pets of Saint rank in “Gods and Demons”. There were some but those were all in the hands of those big guild masters, each of them wanting to buy but unwilling to sell theirs.

“Brother, don’t go. Come back. Look at this pet here. It just hatched and has a growth value of 2228. Its perception is perfect. Do you have anything you’re unsatisfied with?” Someone called Misled by Devil Magic MM (tl: Mei mei/ younger sister) kept on showing a picture of a lightning mouse to Zhou Jian.

Generally, the growth value of a pet was in 1600-1800, with 1800 being high quality. 2000 was the best quality and over 2200 were all treasured pets. Let took the attack power of a pet. With a growth value of 1800, a level 20 pet could have an attack power of over 100, but those with 2000 growth value could achieve 134, 2200 could achieve 178.

As for the perfect perception. It meant that it could possibly comprehend more skills in the future.

To be honest, this normal pet was already the best of the best quality goods. It’s just a pity that the lightning mouse main attribute was its Agility attribute.

Generally speaking, the pet whose main attribute was Agility wasn’t well loved. Players usually like those who had high Defense to be meat shield or those with strong Attack. The former was used in PK battles and challenging the BOSS, while the later was used in leveling up.

For a profession like that of a Thief or Mage that was frail, having a pet in front acting as a meat shield helped provide a sense of security.

Zhou Jian transferred his profession into an extension of the Thief – the Ghost Killer, but this didn’t change the fact that he’s very frail.

The lightning mouse could hit very fast as the speed was very high but the striking power wasn’t that good. Its health bar was also very short. There’s nothing useful about it.

“1600 yuan. I’m already selling at rock bottom price. I’m wiping tears to give this markdown. Brother, do me a favor and just accept it. This younger sister’s family condition wasn’t that good. Otherwise, I really didn’t want to miss such a talented little mouse.” 

Faint. Zhou Jian almost crashed into the monster’s arm. This MM was too much. However, to tell the truth, raising a pet truly needed a lot of money. Otherwise, no matter how good of a talent that pet had, it’s also useless.

“Alright. you’ll deliver it.” Zhou Jian didn’t lack this 1600 yuan. Although this pet was specialized in Agility, but its natural talent was too good. In terms of attack, it could compare against the pets with 1800 growth value. Furthermore, the perception was perfect. Its learned skills were also more compared to others.

If it’s a small level pet but with attributes in Attack or Defense, the value would have been at least 15000 yuan and above.

“Yeah! Big brother, thank you. My shop address is XXXX.  A good person will have a peaceful life.” 

After Zhou Jian saw this message, he felt that it was strange and touched his nose. How come this reply felt like it was similar to the one begging for seeds in the forum. (tl: err, is there such a thing. I don’t remember this. Did I miss out?)

He used the transfer card. This thing cost 5 yuan. If it was him in the past, he wouldn’t use this luxury at all.

This MM slightly gawked. She didn’t immediately agree but sent out another message to ask: “Brother, are you in a hurry?”

“What’s wrong? Do you have a problem? I’m not in a hurry.” 

“I’m alright, but…I think your coordinate is in the underground cavern. Are you practicing your level?”


“I’m now in Gong Gong (tl: God of Water) City. I’ll need 10 minutes to get there. If you’re not in a hurry, then just wait for me. I’ll be there immediately….Since this transfer card wasn’t used, then give it to me. Big brother, you’re such a good man.” 

Zhou Jian was speechless. He laughed and said: “Alright, give it to you.” 

This MM was really interesting.

After 10 minutes, Misled by Devil Magic arrived. She’s a beautiful and slender MM, wearing a neat ponytail. Her whole body was full of youthful vigor.

This MM profession was a Fire Mage. Her body equipment was just like Zhou Jian had expected, all trash. It’s not even comparable to the best set from the shop and was just simply appalling. But what made Zhou Jian speechless was that this MM was wearing a beer girl advertisement dress. Above it was written: “Blue Ribbon, pure, cool and pleasant.” 

One had to admit that wearing such a brilliant bright blue skirt in a dark monster-infested underground cavern was just like a tractor running amuck on the highway.

Feeling Zhou Jian’s surprised gaze, Misled by Devil Magic stuck out her tongue. “This is a beer manufacturer ad in “Ghost and Demons”. Those players over the level 20 would wear this clothing for an hour and the system would subsidize 20 cents. Ai, although it’s not much, but in any case, it’s free money. Little by little will accumulate up.” 

In “Gods and Demons”, those fashionable clothing could be separately equipped and the players could match their own clothing fashion according to their liking, just like in reality. These fashionable clothing didn’t add any attributes and were merely attractive. The equipment could be hidden under those fashionable clothing.

But few would put such a thing on for the whole just for such a small amount of change. This “beer” fashionable clothing, looked very cheap.

Was this girl very much short of money?

When Zhou Jian logged into the store, he glanced through the MM records, it’s just some 00 odd things, nothing that’s worth any money.

He transferred the money and the transaction was completed smoothly. Certainly, it included the transfer card as well. “I feel a bit strange. What do you want to use this transfer card for? You can’t resell it out again.” 

In “Gods and Demons”, the transfer card cost 5 yuan, and could instantly transfer a buddy to the side of the user instantaneously. But it could only be used in the practicing level places and inside the cities. During the raid or anything, this item couldn’t be used.

This type of thing could be bought and stored in the system. However, once it was sold, it couldn’t be sold back to the system and could only sell it to other players. But this was simply impossible because those who used this were all rich. It couldn’t be just because you were selling this for 4 a piece when the system was selling for 5, people would come rushing to buy from you.

Misled by Devil Magic haha smiled: “Of course this can’t be sold. But there’s a way to make money from it. If I go to the Ancient Nine Tombs and advertised through the public channels, was there anyone who wanted to practice their level in the Ancient Tombs? Can straight away fly over here, just 8 dollars per person. Um, like this.” 

Misled by Devil Magic shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t feel like she said something that could be said in public. Zhou Jian emotionally sighed. Going to the Ancient Nine Tombs would need 20 to 30 minutes of traveling from the city. Furthermore, there’re numerous dangers along the way. The rich were equipped well. So, they wouldn’t care about the danger but they were reluctant to run. They would use to transfer using the transfer card. But with Misled by Devil Magic terrible equipment, it’d be strange if she didn’t die several times. Risking her neck to wade through the crowd of monsters just to reach the Ancient Nine Tombs, just to have that 3 yuan price difference.

In “Gods and Demons”, the sensation of being killed by the monster was absolutely not pleasurable. Although the pain was weakened but that feeling at the verge of death was genuine.

The other party was just a girl. Life’s really is difficult….

Zhou Jian seemed to see his own shadow in the girl’s body. He said with a smile. “Let’s become friend.” 

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