Chapter 092 – Kill One to Warn A Hundred

Chapter 92: Kill One to Warn A Hundred

She pushed her gold-rimmed glasses and was somewhat surprised at Zhou Jian at the corner of the classroom. She said in English: “Student Zhou Jian, please stand up.” 

Zhou Jian stood up. Faint. If he knew that he would get such a treatment, he wouldn’t have come.

“Student Zhou Jian, please tell me, why didn’t you attend the class for the whole semester?” Ms. Bai was always speaking in English. The teachers who taught class A wouldn’t speak Chinese in the classroom.

“Er….” Zhou Jian didn’t know how to give an explanation. He couldn’t tell her that he was playing a game and then later needed “extra time” to go to Las Vegas and Brazil. It’s suicidal.

Ms. Bai thought that Zhou Jian didn’t understand her and repeated. This time, she deliberately slowed down and clearly enunciated. Although American English was pleasant to hear but the words were all grouped together in articulation, those who never heard it before might found it difficult to understand.

Zhou Jian ground his teeth and began to concoct out stories. Certainly, he also used English because this was a stipulation in the Lingnan University’s English class. Once the bell rang, both the teachers and students must use English. You could stammer, or even have plenty of errors while saying it. Nobody would laugh at you but you must say it in English.

“I’m sorry, teacher. I’d been working these days. My family situation was quite bad and my father wasn’t in good health. Although I could apply for a state education loan for my tuition fee but I have to earn my own living expenses and accommodation fees. So, I’d skipped some classes. But don’t worry teacher, I’d been doing self-study while working.” 

Zhou Jian said this and tried to act very sincerely. Furthermore, he looked very calm, unlike someone who’s lying.

His only advantage in high school was that he studied well. As a liberal arts student, his English was one of his strong points. His oral skill was relatively weaker but this was because he lacked the chance to speak with foreigners. Recently, he was able to exercise the skills and now, he was rather skilled, just not as proficient as Teacher Bai.

Ms. Bai was slightly surprised. Although Lingnan University was a top university, most students there only took the test through listening. They didn’t really speak much of the language. Generally, the class had to propose the topic to make everyone enter the discussion. There’s always that selected few who would speak up but they must also prepare beforehand. Otherwise, the words might get stuck in their mouth.

As for the words that Zhou Jian said moments ago, those students who were generally good in English might stammered while speaking them and wouldn’t be so skilled. Furthermore, “state education loan” was a very uncommon phrase which students wouldn’t use. Generally speaking, the Chinese people who spoke English would use a roundabout strategy and avoided the words using phrases like “borrow money from the bank to support my education” to iterate the meaning. To be able to actually speak and organize these words in such a short time and able to speak them nonstop wasn’t easy.

She really never thought that the oral skills of a student who skipped class every day would be so good.

Those females students of class A6 were also surprised looking at Zhou Jian. The girl who was talking before muttered. “Cannot judge a person by their appearance. This song and dance duet singer could actually sing so well.” (tl: cause he looked like the celebrity) 

Liang Yan Min who always lived with honor was a little disturbed. Not only was he her classmate from the 59 students of the Chinese department, but she’s also part of the student committee there, and she had the obligation to maintain the image of her classmate. “Hello, he has a name. He’s called Zhou Jian. Furthermore, he’s a male student of our Chinese department. Although the number of boys there are less and each of them has their own character, why did you say that other looked like someone in a song and dance duet singer.” (tl: there’s a term used but I couldn’t put it to words, with secondary meaning etc.) 

“Was there such a meaning? Er…..” The other girl was a little dizzy. She didn’t feel like she said anything wrong.

“Yan Min, you’d misunderstood. It’s just a joke. I said it like that so that it’s easier to remember.” The girl who’s speaking stuck out her tongue. Liang Yan Min’s expression looked better.

Ms. Bai seemed to be interested and intended to try out Zhou Jian’s English. She continued to say in English: “During the school placement test, how much points did you have?” This was because the teacher didn’t look at the results of those in the class, so she didn’t pay any attention to their scores.

“Well….Seems to be 68.” 

Teacher Bai was slightly startled. 68 was indeed not a low score. The test had used four professional exam methods. Those designed for level 4-6 were slightly more difficult, and needed 5500-8000 words in their vocabulary. For high school students, these amount of words were simply too much. In addition, these four tests were quite different from the college entrance English tests. (tl: one to enter college, and another to place the class) So, the students results were generally quite disappointing. Those who could score about 50 points would have entered the A class and even so, there’s very few in the A class who had such score.

“Then, you’d said a moment ago that you did self-study on the college English curriculum. Then I’ll test you, what’s the content of the first article in the textbook?”

Zhou Jian was dumbfounded on the spot. In order to win Teacher Bai’s sympathy so that he wouldn’t be failed out, he just told a lie. But he didn’t expect the teacher to be so abnormal and actually used this to test him. He didn’t read the book, so how could he say it out.

Teacher Bai meaningfully smiled. “Did student Zhou Jian forgot about it? Then, do you remember what’s the content of the second class?”

In Zhou Jian’s heart, he was scolding this traitorous bastard with the surname Bai. He braced himself and said in English: “Teacher, although I was self-studying, but I didn’t use the college English textbook, but I referred to the dictionary and those English magazines.” 

“Oh? Which magazine did you subscribe?”

Zhou Jian really wanted to slap himself with his palm. “Generally, it’s free to read the magazines in the shop, but subscribing to those magazines are quite expensive.” He’d made up his mind that if this woman continued to carry on, he would thoroughly surrender.

Fortunately, Teacher Bai wasn’t so abnormal. Although she thought that Zhou Jian was just drifting along, but with such a talented student, she wouldn’t dislike him so much.

But to fail him or not. Since he didn’t attend class for a semester, if she let him through, there might be class skipping in the next semester. She wanted to execute one as a warning to others.

She said: “Well, I don’t have much comment about you, but I’m very impartial. In accordance with the school standards, the final exams contributed 60 points. The other 40 points were during the normal period. There’re 20 classes in one semester. So, each attendance would provide 2 points each. You’d only attended once. So, I’ll count that you have 2 points. According to this, as long as you managed to get in your final exam….” Teacher Bai began calculating with the calculator in the computer and then said, “96.5 points, then you’ll pass the test.” 

With Teacher Bai’s voice, the class drew in gasps of the cold AC air. This Teacher Bai was really black. The difficulty of the Lingnan University Class A exam paper was truly tough. Generally, it’s already good if a student could test up to 70 points, but to get 96.5 points? Keep on dreaming!

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