Chapter 091 – Do you believe?

Chapter 91: Do you believe?

“Um, thanks. Actually… I also like it as well.” In high school, Zhou Jian thought that Wen Ren Hui Yin was a pure and simple girl, the type that made people couldn’t help but sympathize with, but now, he felt that Wen Ren Hui Yin was pure like a pure piece of paper because she’s used to burying her ideas deep within the heart. She’s like a romantic poet and novelist. If you gave her a pen, she could describe a colorful world at will. But those who truly went and understood her was truly few.

Both people spoke about their likings but this wasn’t a confession between boy and girl. Zhou Jian could fathom Wen Ren Hui Yin’s thinking. He believed that if one day, Wen Ren Hui Yin fell in love with someone, and her family was against it, she would not hesitate to leave the family. She liked to fly and even if she became poor in the future, she’d gladly endure it because this was what she wanted.

Zhou Jian suddenly said: “Do you believe it? That one day,….I will be sitting on the world’s most prosperous light and pick out the most beautiful star from the sky…”

Wen Ren Hui Yin slightly gawked. She turned her head to look at Zhou Jian. At this time, the face of this childish youth was looking into the distance, his eyes firm and bright…


Lingnan University –

Talking about Lingnan University, there’s actually an interesting anecdote about it. In the early 20th century, Sun Yat Sen established the National Lingnan University and later changed the name to the First National Sun Yat Sen University. Later on, the Chinese government established the Second National Sun Yat Sen University, Third National Sun Yat Sen University, Fourth National Sun Yat Sen University and Fifth National Sun Yat Sen University.

Aside from the Second National Sun Yat Sen University that was dissolved halfway through, the other four universities went on to become well-known universities in China. The Third National Sun Yat Sen University became the predecessor of Zhejiang University, the Fourth National Sun Yat Sen University became the predecessor of Nanjing University, and the Fifth National Sun Yat Sen University became the predecessor of Henan University.

As for the First National Sun Yat Sen University, the China government later split it into two to become the Sun Yat Sen University and South China University of Technology. Perhaps because Lingnan put too much emphasis on economics, although the two schools had a solid foundation of about 98534 people, but they began to slip on the National College rankings.

Fortunately, the Sun Yat Sen Medical University was hovering around 10 places before the merger. But the South China University had fell all the way to 30. If the Central China Technical (Huazhong) didn’t rename itself to Central China University of Science and Technology, the South China University would have been too embarrassed to take that name. (tl: Universities in China had 2 names, official and unofficial. It’s hard for me here because the author keeps on jumping around the name. ie, SYS University was referred to as Zhongshan. So, I’m conflicted on the naming.)

As a province, Lingnan was an economic heavyweight, but it didn’t have any presentable university and that made the leadership depressed. They’d discussed about it. Just merged. Merged them all, at least could still get 4th place. Just deal with Zhejiang University and Jilin University.

But these two universities were affiliated universities. The provincial leadership was powerless to touch them if the party leadership didn’t want to merge them from the start. Those big families of the universities were at vice-ministerial level while the provincial were just at the departmental level. If the universities were merged, who would lead it? No principal would be so muddleheaded to be demoted into a vice principal, such a big fool.

So, the matter of the mergers was put aside until the catastrophe erupted. The disaster caused the schools to be closed for a number of years. The education system was paralyzed, the talents were all withering and the Chinese universities faced an unprecedented crisis.

At that time, the schools gathered whatever talents they had left and under the Ministry of Education’s order, brought forward a merger boom.

Then, the universities that were split up so long ago were finally reunited again like a couple.

But before the life after marriage could begin, the problem showed up once again. What should the name be after the merger? Going back to be named Sun Yat Sen University wasn’t bad, but the South China University of Technology was unwilling. F**k, already stepped down from being the Principal to become the Vice Principal. Since I’d already fell into the water, and I acknowledged the defeat, you could at least let me make some splash and frothed a bit first.

So, after the two leadership underwent several consultations, they finally decided to pick the characters from the two universities to came up with a new name.

Of course, the Zhong (from Zhongshan/SYS) would be at the front, and Hua (from Huazhong/ SCUT) would be at the back, and these two combined to became a new word – Zhong Hua University (literally Chinese University).

It was said that when the Ministry of Education leaders received this application, they directly rolled over from their chair. F**ker, then why didn’t you called yourself the Yuzhouwudi University (Unrivaled across the Universe University)?

The proposal was naturally rejected but afterward, a new name was decided – Lingnan University.

Of course, this was part of the unofficial history, which later spread among the Lingnan University students as something to laugh about and expressed their disbelief.

At this time, Zhou Jian was obediently sitting in the No.33 classroom in the lecture building. He’s, um, attending class.

There’s an unwritten rule in Lingnan University Wushan campus that the first row was reserved for the girls. If you sat there, your social status would be the same as those who went to the ladies toilet.

As a problem student, Zhou Jian naturally chose the last row but he discovered that once in a while, the female students would turn their head to look at him. Feeling these gazes, Zhou Jian was bewildered, did his own charm value increased?

“Who’s the one sitting behind there? He’s not part of the class, right? Why come here for the lecture?”

“Probably just auditing. I’d also never seen him before.” 

“The freshman class also have an audit? This’s the first time I heard of it. This guy looked like Shen He.”

“Who’s Shen He? A big star?”

“Yes, a famous movie star and singer from a long time ago. His name is Shen He.” ( – Best I could find. Not that good looking.


“Hello, you two are in class. Don’t chit chat.” Wearing a ponytail, Liang Yan Min with spots on her face, turned around and whispered to those two girls.

“Yan Min ah, who’s the student sitting at the back?” The girl who spoke looked pretty good. Actually, most of the liberal arts students had good looks. Even those who weren’t so lucky had qualities in other aspects.

Liang Yan Min pushed the glasses bridge on her top of her nose and looked towards where the girl was aiming at. Ah, Zhou Jian actually came to class. This was really a big news.

“That’s my classmate, Zhou Jian. He’s also in English A6 class. But today was probably the first time he attended the class.” 

In Lingnan University, the teaching method for English was quite special and wasn’t segregated according to the original class, but was separated into three type of classes A, B and C according to their placement tests.

Because Zhou Jian had a fairly good English background, he managed to enter the A6 class. Out of the entire 59 student body of the Chinese department, there’s only a few of them in the A class. Zhou Jian, Liang Yan Min and a few other to make up six.

The two female students eyes opened wide. “Didn’t attend class for a semester. He’s too talented ah.” 

Liang Yan Min sighed. According to Ms. Zuo, this guy was working outside so it’s hard to blame him. But this time, he’s prepared to fail. If he wanted to retake, he must pay more than 1000. It’s really pitiful.

At this time, the teacher on the platform took the microphone and said in English. “Quiet, this is the last English class for this semester. Taking order.” 

The English teacher for class A6 was a 27 or 28 years old woman, surnamed Bai. Long ago, she studied economics overseas. Later, she returned to the homeland for leisure and stayed in the University to teach English.

Ms. Bai was very temperament. Her English was spoken with a little American accent and was pleasing to hear. “Huang Hua Jing.” 



Name by name,  Some of the students had English names and Ms. Bai would call out the name in English until she reached Zhou Jian. And when Zhou Jian responded to it, the teacher paused.

She pushed her gold-rimmed glasses and was somewhat surprised at Zhou Jian in the corner of the classroom and said in English: “Classmate Zhou Jian, please stand up.” 

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